First, Catch Your Gholam

There must be, fifty ways to kill a gholam...

Well, maybe not fifty. But Iíve heard quite a few weird, wild and wacky suggestions for disposing of gholam, so hereís the list:

1: Matís medallion. Considering the damage, apparently permanent, that touching the medallion did to it, prolonged contact ought to, if not kill, at least seriously injure the gholam.

2: Throw it into a stedding. Assuming that what hurt it about the medallion was the Power-negating effect (rather, than, say, an allergy to silver) a stedding should have a similar effect on a much larger scale.

3: OP overload - channel massive amounts of saidar and/or saidin at it and see if the defenses break down.

4: Balefire it. There is no evidence that balefire is an actual weave - rather, it seems to be the result of one. Thus, as an indirect effect of the One Power, it should destroy a gholam (and, for that matter, would work on Mat as well).

5: Large-scale explosion; say, caused by the (failed) unravelling of a weave. This scale of destruction might also destroy a gholam. Then again, it might not.

6: Burn it: throw it into a volcano, maybe?

7: Silver bullets; itís been suggested that it was the silver of Matís medallion that hurt it, as silver is supposed to kill vampires and werewolves in mythology. Seems unlikely to me, but anythingís possible.

8: Starvation: we saw in Path of Daggers that the gholam feeds on blood, so confining it for long enough without prey might starve it to death.

9: Old age: they might just wear out after a while. After all, there were six made in the War of the Shadow, and only one known now.

There are, unfortunately, sizeable problems associated with the execution of most of these ideas. Keeping a gholam in contact with the medallion might be a trifle difficult, and throwing it, whether into a stedding or a volcano, likewise. Confining something that can apparently squeeze under doors and through keyholes appears nearly impossible, an explosion on a large enough scale to destroy a gholam would probably destroy everything else in the vicinity as well, and waiting for it to die of old age is impractical unless you happen to have a vacuole handy.

Myself, I think Iíll try balefire.

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