The Song

of the GT Book Forum

There is a place where people go,
Through dungeons deep and caverns low,
Where no one knows what sanity is,
"And the future has been left to kids".
The nuts are scattered 'cross the board,
The beer is cold, the theorys flawed,
The Aussie's rhymes are rather odd
and people like to smack Pab-Chi with a big wet cod!
...which has as much to do with the BB as sod,
... "Oh, the humanity!", says I.
an exercise in futility, none greater beheld... 
Damn, look like rhythm is no longer held.
The board just rocks, the posters rule...
From first to last, you're all plain cool!
The longest post, that makes a scandal,
Or OT ones by a different handle!
Some like to dwell on thoughts of death,
Others on Asmo's last breath.
The Female Dragon was much contended,
Some certain people got offended
The Land of Doubles, what a joy!
We were "appetent", but not "coy"
From lack of cows to lack of Spice Girls,
From tavern threads to Webbie's nice twirls
The rest of us can't rhyme, or figure the cursed doubles thing out
Ahhh... taunting newbies--Give a shout! 
And who would win?--Rand versus our world...
Nukes being launched or fireballs hurled?
Leanna's mem'ry, Lannie's charm,
And LAJ's adventures on the farm
DB's got some pictures ohhh how neat.
That, try as might, just can't be beat!
Photography is so elite
Loony role-plays are the game
And silly posts the road to fame!
But if you want to steal the show
Reveal that you are "in the know"...
By posting threads about Asmo
And who killed who, and so-and-so...
Ah, where's book 9? The much lamented
After PoD, the much demented
And a Crown of Swords, which supplemented...
and for now, New spring is recommended....
But get the Fires of Heaven cemented
(In your head before you've rented
New Spring and thus now prevented
Confusion - makes you discontented)
In LoC is Taim misrepresented,
(For Taimandred was then invented;
Though Lady Warden has consented,
There still are some who have dissented.)
T-S-R, the Aiel segmented
In TDR Be'lal was ended.
And in the Hunt, the chase was splendid
The Eye, from which it all descended,
The book on which the board depended,
The source of all RJ invented,
and all that we have since extended...
Ah, the Wheel, well ain't it grand?
From ocean shore to Borderlands
Seanchan snows to poker hands
Royalty to hired hands
Diversity throughout the lands
That's what makes the board expand.
Yet even that would be just dead
Without a thought from in a head
To bring to life the worlds we see--
the sense of binding, you to me
That makes the forum what it be.
So Wheel Wars, OT, Prose and stuff,
and the religion comments made off the cuff...
love for BB in archiving shown
and threads included have grown and grown
Webbie and Pablo, those were great
Too bad I came in here too late
I wish I could have been there too
To make cool rhymes, just like you
But wait that's what I'm doing now!
I'm so excited to see how,
the rhyme to fit my latest line...
Now I've jumped in, that rhyme is mine
Repeated theories drove oldbies wild
Like; New theory! Aviendha - perhaps is with child.
But what really had Jihad banging his head
Was their repeated assertions - Moiraine is not dead!
While Leanna regaled us with one more obscure fact
We fought about God - and most forgot tact
Alas, my part in this poem must end
Don't say that to any one you may offend
Be it a lovely lady or perhaps a gent
In the Millennium Club or not
A Flamewar is not what they sought
But enlightenment on RJ's books
Diablo kicks but wot is just as fine...
fighting the Dark One, trusting the light,
though we are tempted by True Powers might,
never we give in, hold our heads proud,
happily join in the warriors shout,
crossing the dead Blight, find Shayol Ghul,
seeing dark places, where the monsters rule,
take up our arms, and battle the scum,
chasing the evil by the sound of the drum,
at last we are winning, the price we´ve paid,
everything is torn, devoured by hate,
the wheel keeps on turning, the legends remain,
a new age will cover all our pain. 
Too bad Dax with rhyme is inane...
Normal, per se, we just ain't--
Let's hear it for our friend, the Taint!
(all right, all right, yer right, 'twas faint,
But in my head I thought it quaint! )
The wheel continues to turn and spin
the last battle not fought - unsure who will win.
The BB continues with baited breath
for a winters heart, is it book nine or the tenth?
ah well, doesnt matter, we'll continue to wait.....
and hope so whole heartedly that it'll be great
But while we do, with Pablo's help
Guy will work to bring you The Taint!
We’ll wait, and wait
Since eight was great
But now RJ must compensate
It seems Book Nine is rather late
How does Swedish prose translate?
I wonder 'bout the exchange rate
The speed of posts, an insane rate
From useless jokes Watergate
We're questioning our mental state...
we're even willing to hire a substitute writer named Nate...
Ok, so I can't rhyme... it is my fate...
I pray that I am not to late
To put in my little bit of prate
Do you hear the voices too?
Can you hear them calling you?
The blood runs freely on the stones
From Rand al'Thor all alone
He fears that day he will die
But I see that twinkle in Nynaeve's eye
She heals him though he's three days dead
Heal that hole where has bled
And then the fanclubs!--latest fad!
Though some might say they're kinda bad,
'cause ALL the posters here are rad,
We gotta show the love we've had,
for Leanna, Avi, winter, Pab...
Handles chosen name us true,
And cows in randland DO say moo
with whitecloaks, channelers and aiel
this board has got an awesome feel
and on we post through night and day
We're alright, yeah, we're okay
We post ramblings on Monday
We don't care if we don't sleep
We bug LAJ about his sheep
We write songs about dead sisters
On our fingers we've got blisters
We've got the rhythm, we've got the rhyme
We've got detectives workin' on the crime
Who canned the harper, where did he go...?
RAFO and then you'll know
Is Lanfear Cyndane? Where'd Darlin go?
So Moridin's Ishy--is it so?
The Seals, the Taint, are they related?
and how was cuendillar created?
Matrim's role is quite belated
Egwene's prob'ly quite elated
Never liked him (never dated),
What is up ol' RJ's sleeve...?
Can we posters ever leave?
What will happen when it ends?
Shall we here still remain friends?
Or shall we slowly drift apart...
from friendships that this board did start
'tis something only time will tell...
For some, it might be just as well! 
But stay or no, the board and thoughts,
Discussions raged, Last Battles fought,
Riddles unsolved, questions not asked,
User to user under different mask,
will yet remain, in mem'ry clear,
And long yet will our visits here
evoke a grin, a smile, a click....

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