(I call it humour, anyway. Do you?)

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The Battle of the Amyrlins

The Whitecloak Rules

Colour Blind

Lanfear's Theme

The Wedding of Lews Therin

The Three-Thousand-Year Meeting in Hell


Long Live Insanity

What can I say - I was inspired. Or maybe insane.

Meet the cast

Prelude: A Friendly Game Of Darts
Prologue: Under the Dome of Truth

Episode 1: The (Losing) Hand of the Dark
Episode 2: Housebreaking Trollocs
Episode 3: In the Amyrlin's Study
Episode 4: Maiden's Kiss
Episode 5: Gone Fishing
Episode 6: The Darkfriend That Was
Episode 7: Daes Dae'mar
Episode 8: Shadar Aman
Episode 9: There's No Business Like Show Business...
Episode 10: The Show Must Go On
Episode 11: The Ambush
Episode 12: Tower Tours, Inc.
Episode 13: Right Between The Eyes
Episode 14: Where The Shadow Flees, or, The Boat People
Episode 15: Early In The Morning
Episode 16: The Incredible Dancing Trollocs
Episode 17: Origins of Insanity - Sycho
Episode 18: Origins of Insanity - Shani
Episode 19: Origins of Insanity - Shadar
Episode 20: Sharis and Sneak
Episode 21: The Misunderstood Species
Episode 22: Mothers of the Dragon
Episode 23: Sycho Sees Seanchan
Episode 24: Discussions
Episode 25: Last Train to Shara
Episode 26: They're Absolutely Sane - new

Special Episode: To Meet The Creator
Special Episode: Have Another Taint
Special Episode: Insanity Two Thousand

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