Long Live Insanity: Meet the cast


Shadar is an Asha’man. He’s insane. Totally insane. No question there. What no one has quite figured out is how much of it is the taint, and how much comes naturally. He’s an expert actor, too, so you never know whether at any particular moment he’s mad or merely pretending to be so. Shadar believes that he would make a much better Dragon Reborn than Rand al’Thor, on the basis that the Dark One would take one look at him and plead to be re-imprisoned.


A Domani. Also an Aes Sedai of the Red Ajah, and thus a woman whose second favourite pastime is defying stereotypes. Her favourite is flirting. Preferably with men who can channel. She wears scandalously revealing outfits (in red) tames Trollocs, and is the only Red sister ever to walk into the Black Tower and safely out again - twice now. She can also lie six ways to Shayol Ghul, using a train of logic worthy of the White Ajah, dances a mean sa’sara and is a master of the game of darts.


A fine, upstanding young Whitecloak - well, except for the company he keeps. He also has an unfortunate weakness for drink. When drunk, he sings “Ninety-nine bottles” in a voice like a stepped-on frog, makes bad puns, and is entrapped into games of Maiden’s Kiss. Drunk or sober, he’s the favourite butt of Shadar’s and Shani’s jokes.


No relation to anyone else of that name, Shaiel is a Maiden of the Spear temporarily hanging out with a band of insane wetlanders. Being brought up on ji’e’toh, she considers the Great Game child’s play in comparison. Like every Aiel, she enjoys taunting people (especially Sycho) and has a propensity for misunderstanding the question “Would you care to dance?”


That is, Someone, son of Someone Else, son of Some Other Ogier. As his name suggests, he’s a fairly generic Ogier character. He carries a notebook everywhere and constantly takes notes for the book he is writing, tentatively titled ‘Long Live Insanity.’ He is also an excellent cook, knowing 1643 recipes plus variations for cooking fish.


A Trolloc. His role is to carry books, criticise art (he believes Elaida’s clock makes excellent firewood) and make comments on life, the universe, and everything, which usually contain the word ‘stupid’. Occasionally, as a result of listening to Someone too often, he slips into erudite language and discusses the ramifications of insanity on an unprepared world. He also enjoys fishing. 

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