Insanity Two Thousand

(They don't get much sillier than this...)

Harken to these tidings glad – 
Not to mention somewhat mad – 
Look here and you will espy
A new episode of LLI.
And what for, do I hear you say?
Leanna’s reached Club P2K!

Yes indeed, ladies and gentlemen, this is my official Second Millenium post. And just to prove I can, I’m going to write the whole thing like this…

Here comes Shadar, somewhat sinister,
Here comes Shani, sultry sister,
Sycho with liquor jug in hand,
Shaiel from the Three-Fold-Land.
Someone guards his books like pearls,
While Snarg really just wants to twirl!

These six today our honoured guests,
Insane – just like all the rest,
Cheering, as on this day of fable,
Leanna joins the highest table.
Once occupied by only four,
Now they make room for one more.

The Car’a’carn, rarely mistaken,
The mysterious 14th Forsaken,
Asmodean of “You? No! Hehe”
And Shadar en route to Club Three.
(Shadar the Mad of course I mean –
Though there’s not much difference, as you’ve seen.)

And now that we’ve reached this occasion,
It’s time for proper celebration!
So stack the chairs and clear the floor,
Open the windows, close the door,
Drink down your drinks, and take a chance – 
Grab a partner, and let’s dance!

Shadar, madman and great talker,
Dances with the fair Dreamwalker,
While Shani nearby’s having fun
Dancing with Belgarion.
(See, though you got left out last time
You’re still right in there for this rhyme.)

Someone (of height and speech so long)
Partners green-shawled Ravensong;
In contrast to Weflicker so fleet
Sycho trips on his own feet;
While –Javelin-’s sharpness does no good
‘Gainst Shaiel’s spears of hardened wood.

(No, I don’t know where Aiel get wood for their spears either!)

Of course, the rest are dancing too – 
Leanna with her Warder true,
Though paradoxically otherwise
Known as the Father of Lies.
“I wish you joy this happy day - ”
(I promised him a line to say.)

And not just them, but all the others,
From Lady Warden to Wolfbrother,
Forge and Zedora, tavernkeepers,
Pablo-Chi and his Lolita,
Though someone’s missing – hey! Stop that!
Snarg! Behave! Let go that cat!

(And the next one is somewhat interesting, as this particular High Lord is a noted campaigner against “Look how many posts I have!” posts. But who was the very first person to claim a part when I asked? I guess not even Tyra can resist Long Live Insanity…)

Tyra of the many names,
Legend of Off Topic fame,
Dax (and not the Star Trek one)
Becaila dancing, having fun,
Winter – or is it Winter’s Heart?
Aan`allein with new name and new start,

Catalina twirls with Butterfly
While dragonreborn stands sulking by.
Omegus and Mesaana soon
Should be back from their honeymoon – 
There they are, and Valeria just behind – 
I hope kidnapping’s not on her mind…

Faile who started the limerick craze,
Maaaad Marty who has too many ‘a’s,
Takrane – or is it his stunt double?
Der’morat, who’s in big trouble,
Ryanna and Thorin Oakenshield,
Dark Blight and Lannie tapping heels,

Guy’s just a guy as you will see,
Rangou’s new in the LFC,
Elias Machera was my first fan,
Larry Homer is “THE man”
Lucky Calenth’s RJ’s cousin,
But still there’s yet another dozen

Still appearing on the scene,
Like Flouride and min_17,
Lord of the Morning’s here,
Zeromus has just appeared,
And pBluescript, and Asq Asha’man;
I didn’t know I had so many fans!

And now a new tune starts to sound,
And dancers change partners around;
Shadar asks Silvenna to dance,
Asha’man Varel takes a chance,
And invites Shani for a whirl;
Two mad couples start to twirl.

Kaen, to the music responding,
Asks Amanda for a dance (and bonding)
Illuminator’s luck’s not in,
Her partner’s Sycho, full of gin;
While Aiwass when he next appears
Ends up with Shaiel and her spears.

(No offense meant to you, Illuminator; Aiwass is a different matter. “Not quite as insane” indeed!)

Tomiathon, Horehound and Sprung`Monkey,
Another trio of WoT junkies,
Wipe tears of laughter from their eyes
As Snarg tries to dance with Butterfly.
BTW the newbie listens near;
(Car’a’carn insisted Paah be here.)

Now, is there anyone I missed?
Probably, but none on the list
Of those who piped up eagerly
When I said “Who wants to be
In my next insanity assault?”
The rest of you, it’s your own fault!

So let’s dance the night away
To celebrate my P2K;
But before that comes the most
Important thing, and that’s a toast:
Raise your Taints (the drink’s on me)
And say,

Long Live Insanity!

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