Episode #25: Last Train to Shara

Dear Raina,

What in Shayol Ghul do you think you're doing? You and your readers seem to adore getting me into implausible situations, but this is going too far. I liked Tuon. I liked being a big shot with the Seanchan. Now you wrecked that and I'm stuck in the waiting room with Jordan's characters while you loll around writing what you refer to as serious stories. Do you know how dull it is listening to Taim and Demandred bicker over whether they're the same person or not? If I stay here a moment later I'll go positively - well - insane! Everyone's trying to guess who killed Asmodean, a huge argument just started up over whether Rand really cleansed the taint or not, and the Taimandred thing NEVER stops. You have to get me out of this place!


Dear Sycho,

Oddly enough, it doesn't sound much different from here. But since you're so insistent, I'll send Shadar and Shani over to pick you up. They've been complaining about the tedium as well, so I'm sure you'll all be glad to see each other.


Dear Raina,

Please, please, please, not Shadar and Shani. Especially not Shadar and Shani looking for entertainment. I was thinking of some nice little place where I could get some peace and quiet, but I take it all back. I don't mind staying here at all. It's quite homey once you get used to it, and the arguments are actually quite interesting. I really don't want to see those two.


Dear Sycho,

Too bad.


"All right, Sycho," comes a laughing voice, "time to go."

Sycho winces, and with extreme reluctance turns around to face the pair standing behind him. "Uh, hi, Shani. Hi, Shadar. You know, I've kind of been thinking maybe I could stay here for a while. There's some new Taimandred stuff someone turned up - "

"Give it up, Sycho." Shadar grins. "The debates can go on by themselves. We had something a little more interesting in mind."

"That's what I wanted to avoid," Sycho sighs, but follows them resignedly. "Where are we going?"

Shani shrugs. "Wherever we go."

"That's not very helpful, you know - "

He is interrupted by a loud announcement that seems to come from every direction at once. "Last call for the WoT Express! Train to Shara departing in ten seconds. This is your last chance to board. Repeat - ten seconds to departure - "

"Shara, hmm?" Shani cocks an eyebrow.


Shadar grins at Shani.


Shani grins at Shadar.


"Now, wait a minute - " Sycho begins.


"We don't have a minute," Shadar points out.


"Wait a second, then - "




Shani grabs Sycho's left hand.


Shadar grabs Sycho's right hand.


Sycho is hauled through the waiting room in a flurry of motion.

"Zero!" -

And they're aboard.

Episode #26: They're Absolutely Sane

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