“Hello!” she said to the man who passed her on the road to Cairhien. “Where are you headed?”

He bowed, and said jokingly, “I’m going to the Black Tower to learn to channel.”

And she laughed and said “Well, I’m an Aes Sedai of the Red Ajah, and I’m going to Cairhien to spy on the Dragon Reborn.”

And they both laughed at each other’s wit and went their separate ways.

“Hello,” he said when they met up again the next week, “did you find out anything in Cairhien?”

She blinked, and then smiled as she recognised him. “Not much. So did you learn to channel?”

“Not yet,” he replied, “I’m still working on it.” They laughed and walked away.

“How’s the channeling going?” she greeted him the next week.

“Pretty well,” he said, “how’s the spying going?”

“Oh,” she said blithely, “we gave up on that. Next week we’re attacking the Black Tower.”

“What an amazing thing,” he said, “maybe I’ll see you there.”

And they both left, laughing at each other’s clever jokes.

And the next week fifty-one of the Red Ajah attacked the Black Tower. And no one could understand why, in the middle of the battle, a young Soldier and a young Red sister looked at each other, stared, and broke into sudden hysterical laughter.

Because they had been telling the truth all along.

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