by Gilhan Saragon

Is it real?
Could it be a dream?
This strangeness here,
In reality.

Things I see,
Things that aren't there,
Things that will make
A soul go bare.

As I strike down
My family and friend,
I can't help but wonder,
Again and again.

Is it real,
Or just a dream?
This madness within
My reality.

Now, when it's done
I search for my love.
Stepping over her golden hair,
I turn and look, in a mirror.

In the mirror I see
A funny man.
A man whose lost touch
With reality.

He's laughing at me,
So I laugh back,
and together in madness,
we hold it back.

There is a new man,
Shrouded in cloud.
He speaks a name;
Shouldn't be said aloud.

He stretches his hands,
And then there is pain.
I fall to the floor,
Acid in my veins.

And when it's over,
Only memory remains.
I know what I've done,
And run to the plains.

There I scream,
And draw on death.
Looking up, I see a thing
That steals my breath.

As the light touches me,
I'm gone in a flash,
Leaving only a mountain,
And a world of ash.

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