This is a collection of the theories that I thought up, but that don't seem to require an essay to themselves. Some I believe. Some are just speculation, or 'wouldn't it be interesting if this were the case' ideas.


The Domani woman at the Darkfriend gathering in The Great Hunt was Graendal. No particular reason, except that the 'serene and self-possessed' description certainly fits her, we know that she is currently in Arad Doman, and more than one dead person has considered Graendal foolish before.


Balefire is the concentrated form of the One Power. Now why do I think this? Well, it takes one hell of a lot of power to use. The only channelers we have seen using it are Moiraine, Nynaeve, Rand, Moghedien, Rahvin, and Moridin. (Assuming that Moridin was the Shadar Logoth Wanderer).Moiraine was exhausted afterward, and she is one of the strongest Aes Sedai in existence. The others are Forsaken-class. And for Rand and Nynaeve, at least, it seems to be instinctive; blasting out with the most destructive thing they can, pure, distilled Power with a capital P. Balefire destroys everything it touches. Remember what happened when Mat kicked a rock into the Eye of the World? The One Power turns the Wheel of Time. Balefire has more concentrated, local effects on time.


Birgitte will die sometime in the books, most likely saving or protecting Elayne. She will eventually be reborn, as Elayne's daughter. Two problems are solved here; one, it leaves the way free for Elayne to bond, and maybe marry, Rand without the attendant complications of Birgitte knowing everything Elayne feels. Two, it puts Birgitte's age back in line with that of the recently-reborn Gaidal Cain. Elayne may even name her Birgitte after her dead Warder, without realising that her daughter is Birgitte Silverbow reborn. Now wouldn't that be interesting?

As an alternative, since Elayne's first children will be male/female twins, recall two other Heroes, Shivan and Calian, who are brother and sister and who are supposed to herald the end of an Age. If what this means is that their birth will mark the end of an age, one has to wonder.


Sarene Nemdahl is going to bond Galad Damodred. Now before you say "What in Shayol Ghul is she talking about?" have a look at the similarities between them. Sarene usually wears white. (Granted, she was in black for a while, but not by choice.) Galad always wears white - it's his uniform. Sarene, by several descriptions, is stunningly beautiful. Galad, by EVERY description in EVERY book, is incredibly handsome. Sarene doesn't seem to realise what she looks like. Galad doesn't seem to realise what he looks like. Sarene always does what's logical. Galad always does what's right. Sarene started off opposing Rand, but is now firmly on his side. Galad is currently in opposition to Rand, but is going to end up on his side. Sarene has a Warder already, yes, but Warders get killed in battle - for that matter, he may already have died at Dumai's Wells. He hasn't been mentioned since then. Galad trained in the Tower and, if not a blademaster already, is very close to one. He'd make a perfect Warder. And Sarene, according to Min, is destined for a tempestuous love affair sometime in the future.

The only real problem with this theory is that Galad is the hot candidate for Berelain's man in white. Sarene's a fairly minor character, whereas Berelain's had a lot more appearances. But hey, I don't have to believe my theories - I just suggest them. So I'm keeping an open mind on which of them Galad's going to end up with.


Siuan was lying about that Logain/Red Ajah story. Or at least... she THOUGHT she was lying. In fact Logain's story was absolutely true, and Siuan simply assumed he had made it up (she didn't believe any Aes Sedai would really do that) and went along with it for her own purposes. I have two reasons for this theory. One, it hasn't been explained how Logain found out details of enemy attacks and so forth, without someone on the other side feeding him information. And two... the irony. ("But I was lying about that!")


Min is the daughter of Jain Farstrider. The dates don't fit too well, I know, but it's still possible. So why doesn't she have the Charin name? Well, we know that Malkieri sometimes have other names chosen to fit them - Jain Farstrider, Cowin Fairheart. Min's last name, Farshaw, is a corrupted form of the name her father gave her on learning her talent - Farseer. (The Farstrider's daughter theory is not completely original, but as far as I know the name one is.)


Jahar Narishma, the Asha'man who keeps "trying to see inside everyone's skulls" has a Talent similar to Min's for seeing things. Which explains the stare that makes everyone looking for signs of madness so worried.


The High Lords of Tear, or most of them, are incredibly stupid. That's not a theory. It's a fact. My explanation is inbreeding - they think of all non-Tairens and all commoners as a lower form of life, so they pick spouses from within their own little circle. A few hundred generations, and you see the result. For that matter, it's probably why the deities of ancient Greece were all so strange - they were all related to begin with.


At least one of the five Aes Sedai who swore fealty to Rand in The Path Of Daggers did not do so under Compulsion from Verin. Specifically, either Erian, Sarene or Nesune. Why? Because Verin intended to leave those sisters who had Warders until last, as she was likely to have a lot more difficulty Compelling them. As of Lord of Chaos, all three of these had Warders. One of them might have died at Dumai's Wells - but four? (Erian had two, which makes successful Compulsion by Verin less likely still)


Mat and Elayne -what a couple they'd make. 

An opposites-attract thing, the gambler and the princess - sounds rather like a story. He's handsome, she's beautiful, and they'd look great together. She'd have all the chance she wanted to study his ter'angreal. I'm absolutely sure Birgitte would approve, and they are coming to like, if not understand, each other.

Furthermore, as you may (or may not) have read in my essay Threads in the Pattern, I believe that Mat and Elayne lived previous lives as, respectively, Souran Maravaile and Ishara. I would say that the early days of the Souran/Ishara relationship were probably very similar to Mat and Elayne now. Once again in a time of turmoil, a marriage between a great general born a commoner, and a queen of Andor. Jordan loves symmetry.

The problems with the theory? There have to be some, or I'd be writing this up as an essay instead of leaving it as just another miscellaneous theory - and, of course, there are. Elayne is in love with Rand, as well as carrying his children, and Mat is prophesied to marry the Daughter of the Nine Moons, now firmly identified as Tuon.

It might have been nice, but...


Not a theory really, but a piece of speculation. So far we know the identities of five Ajah heads. Three in the White Tower: Jesse Bilal, Brown; Suana Dragand, Yellow; and Ferane Neheran, White. One among the rebels; Myrelle, Green. And one missing and presumed dead; Galina Casban, Red.

However, I think I know at least one, maybe more, among the rebels other than Myrelle. I'm guessing that Lelaine Akashi heads the Blue, because of the power she appears to wield (somewhat more before Egwene pulled off her coup) and because she was apparently the one who selected Moria as the third Blue Sitter.

The other is a Sitter for the White, Aledrin. When Egwene calls for a vote on declaring war, Aledrin stands, but she also pulls another White, Berana, up with her. So what's odd about this? The fact that Aledrin is the youngest White Sitter. We've already had several mentions of the fact that rank in the Hall goes strictly by age. Either Aledrin is being very cheeky here (and note that Berana doesn't protest) or some other factor overrides her being Berana's junior. The only people who outrank a Sitter are the Amyrlin, an older Sitter - neither of whom Aledrin is  - or the head of her Ajah.

Romanda Cassin, despite having at least as much political power as Lelaine, probably does not head her Ajah. As she's been in retirement, away from the Tower, so long, the Yellow would already have a leader by the time she turned up in Salidar. On the other hand, it is possible that the existing Ajah head stayed in the Tower and the Yellows hadn't yet chosen one, or that Romanda pushed her out of office. Either way, whether she heads the Yellow Ajah officially or not, chances are she holds the balance of power in it.


More on the subject of Galad's potential girlfriends: Tenobia of Saldaea, according to her sister-queen Ethenielle, is not prepared to settle for anything less than the perfect man as a husband. 'Nuff said.


Bela is a perfectly normal horse.

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