The Dreamwalker


An ocean of stars,
an ocean of night,
the dream.

Shimmers of fire,
pinpoints of light,
the dreamers.

A drifting spirit,
seeing without sight,
the dreamwalker.

She touches each light, a soft caress,
Watches how the dreams progress.
Some she knows, and some are strangers.
Some are safe, and some hold danger.

One maiden slumbers, dreams of love,
Tender kisses, stars above.
A child dreams of adult gain,
An old man dreams his youth again.

She dances through the lights at will,
Dances through their dreams until
One light glitters, seems to pull her,
One dream glows with soft allure.

Friend or rival? Love or hate?
Which one does the glow relate?

She takes her chances -
The dreamwalker dances.

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