Rambling and the Intrigleemen

What's it all about?
To explain the basis for the group, I'll have to explain the background and full history. Aginor was buggering the Finns one day, bothering them beyond belief. He entered, and suddenly had a strong urge to find me. He brought me there, and I realized Ag was looking at me strangely. He had always done that, from my tendency to swagger down loads of bottomless Pan Galactic Gargle Blasters, but he looked at me ever more skeptically.
"What's wrong?" I asked.
Aginor stammered, "You ..you.. are Kiriath respun."
"Yes, of course I am," I said, in a Nynaeve tone, but he shook his head, "Kiriath was --is-- was ..you know what I mean.. the leader of the Intrigleemen in the Age of Legends. I had only heard rumours--"
Asmodean Gated in, "The Intrigleemen are reuniting, I see.."
"Who *are* they?" I yelled, the Finns leaving and warping the room to give me my own residential district. Even they were
afraid of me.
"They are a group of gleemen," said Asmodean. "I was one of them. Now that Aginor is here, he must be one also," he nodded. "It is like the eyes-and-ears of the Ajahs, or the network of Black Ajah. There are so many abroad that only certain ones of us know them all. You, Kiriath, are the respun leader of them. You should be feeling little tingly feelings in your head already."
"Yes," I admitted, "And who are all these others who appeared?" I asked.
"You should know them," he said, and I did. They were all characters from my punning mind; Mazrin Fain, Aurgh, Padan Niall.
"They're also Intrigleemen," I murmured.
"Yes, and all under your control. You have the power of Comprevulsion," said Asmodean, "A power that can force the Intrigleemen to give you a report on the occurences in their respective lands."
"It can't be all-powerful," I said, and Asmodean nodded.
"Only users of a Power ---Saidin, Saidar, True, or the Whip--- cannot be affected by it. Although we can, albeit only somewhat. All of us Intrigleemen have a power unknown to any others, though. The Eccentric Power, the power of rambling."
That explained why he was filling me in on the details. The power of Comprevulsion was used without even knowing! "But what about the Eccentric Power?"
"Rambling can be used to weave your way around another person's words, and," he shrugged, "Other things."
I knew he wouldn't explain this one to me; he had explained Comprevulsion and that was it. He was a Forsaken. They never were totally trustworthy. "Like what, for instance?"
"It can be used to trick others into telling you what you want," admitted Asmo, "To a limit, of course."
That was enough for now, I decided as I began warping the room around me with a combination of the Eccentric Power and Saidin, to resemble a spy headquarters.

Are there requirements?
Insanity isn't as much of a requirement as a person may think. That's just part of the whole cherade. People think we're nuts, but we're actually rather devious. Certain ones of us are simply insane, but they're ..different.. anyway. You have to have at least a bit of the heart of a gleemen, and must have rambled sometime. The Eccentric Power is bestowed upon a rambler by entering a steadyning, which will be explained later on. Owning the Power is the only way to join, and you must swear upon a Rod of Dominion that was recently found in the Tower. The Whip of Ariella is a Dominion Rod, as is the Oath Rod, but on this one you must swear to utilize the Eccentric Power only for the Intrigleemen, and not for the Light nor the Dark.

Are they aligned with the Light or the Dark?
No. The Intrigleemen are neutral, all out for their own purposes. It's all depending on the person. The Intrigleemen work together for their own purposes, but certain people in the group work for their own respective parties, but they have sworn secrecy on the Daggerod, a knife carried at the side of me, Kiriath, the leader of the joint.

One last thing. The stedning are available to be wandered into by any person, but in order to have the Eccentric Power bestowed, you must have rambled, have a bit of the heart of a gleeman, even if all you have is a tiny bit of humor, and meet the leader. It's not terribly difficult to meet the leader, since whenever a new person steps foot into a stedning, I can automatically tell by a sudden "ni" noise in my head. It's almost like a bond, because I can tell where the person is and Gate there. You must then swear secrecy on the Daggerod (manufactured during the Age of Legends) and to use the Eccentric Power for the Intrigleemen only, not for the Light, nor the Dark, nor any other organization. The Eccentric Power is unusable until then, and even I have sworn upon it.
The Steadynings, finally, are like steddings, only these bestow the Eccentric Power once a person steps foot within it. New ones pop up all the time --by a "Ecki" in my head accompanied by the "Ni" of a new member-- but the ones known are as follows:

Tower of Ghenjei, the headquarters at the moment.
Shayol Logoth, located in the Black Hills and also the birthplace of Mazrin Fain.
The Aiel Blight, where the Aiel Waste and the Great Blight meet. The Wasted Aiel reside there, one of the many armies controlled by the Intrigleemen.
The Stoned Portal, somewhere in the Kinslayer's Dagger. It was ruined beyond repair by a random blast of the One Power during the Age of Legends.
The Three Tav'e'ren Tavern, somewhere in Emond's Field. Undoubtedly, it's under an alias.
And Or: Conjunction Junction. Within Shadar Logoth. This is why Padan Fain, and others who have entered the place are members of the Intrigleemen, however loosely.
Paerish Swar Darkwood, just that. The Black Knights guards the place, and the Knights of Ni dwell within. Enter at your own risk.

Kiriath, Undercover Intrigleeman
Still an Eccentric Rambler, and he'll heal himself.

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