King Rayame's Daughters

In Kandor long ago there ruled
A king of strength and fame;
From Shienar to Tear was known
The greatness of Rayame.
And known too, beside the tales
Of glory and of power;
The greatest treasure of the King,
Three daughters fair as flowers.

Fair of face, and sweet of voice,
Golden-haired and green of eye;
Three maidens lovely as the moon
That shimmers in the sky.
Ayame, the eldest; Zara second,
Mayari last-born;
Sisters in beauty as in blood,
Golden as the dawn.

Ayame, when she came of age,
Journeyed to the Tower;
As a novice served her time,
Learning the One Power.
Time passed, and sisters came to her,
Spoke as if with one voice;
“Before long you’ll be one of us;
Now you must make your choice.

“Which Ajah’s yours? Which will you choose?
Red, Yellow, Green or Gray?
White, Blue or Brown? The choice is yours;
But make your choice today.”
Ayame laughed and answered clear;
“There’s nothing to decide;
Tarmon Gaidon’s not far off,
And with the Greens I’ll ride.”

Zara walked a different path,
To power and to glory;
Love led Saldaea’s King to her,
’Twas like a fairy-story.
He swept the princess off her feet,
She stole away his heart;
That day they swore before the Light
Ne’er till death to part.

In Maradon Queen was she crowned,
Her husband by her side;
Saldaea and its people cheered
Their King’s enchanting bride.
Well-loved the pair throughout the land,
And their rule wise and fair;
With Rayame’s daughter as their queen
Saldaea felt no fear.

Mayari, youngest of the three,
Cared not for crown or shawl;
Cared not for power on the land,
Nor queen’s or Sister’s rule.
She listened to the wild winds
That blew east from the sea;
Heard the cry of gulls and ocean’s call,
And knew her destiny.

And one night Mayari slipped away
From Kandor and her home,
Left her gowns and jewels behind
And as a wanderer roamed.
At length she reached the ocean’s shore,
Watched as the rakers moored;
When the Sea People sailed that day,
Mayari was aboard.

Now look, you people, at these three,
Mayari, Zara and Ayame;
Read of how their paths diverged,
How different they became.
Read now of where those paths have led,
Where now each sister stands;
And learn why their tale’s known
Through far and distant lands.

Through the Tower’s halls with grace
Walks Aes Sedai Ayame;
Her shawl no greener than her eyes,
Her hair a golden flame.
From her snow-bound palace rules
Zara, Saldaea’s queen;
Her crown no brighter than her hair,
Her eyes like emeralds green.

For Ayame seek in Tar Valon,
Proud Sitter for the Green;
Fair Zara seek in Maradon,
Saldaea’s gold-crowned queen.
Two different paths the sisters walk,
Their lives on different plans;
And yet though they rule separate spheres,
Their kingdom’s still the land.

But young Mayari can be found
On wild, storm-tossed seas;
Watch for the ship that seems to fly
Upon the winds she weaves.
See where she stands, upon the prow,
Her hair a golden banner;
Eyes green as the ocean depths,
A free and wild manner.

“Come, Stormbringer,” Mayari calls,
With laughter pure and clear;
“Bring your storms, and bring your winds:
Think you I feel fear?
Whatever you can throw at me,
Wind, or waves, or rain,
I’ll match it all, and overcome;
The ocean’s my domain.”

And so they chose, and so they live,
Three sisters far apart;
But though distance separates them,
They’re together still at heart.
And the tale of their choices made
Is told on land and water;
And bards will sing forever more
The song of Rayame’s daughters.

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