To Choose Again

“I have chosen again!” Sara cried out. She flung her arms wide in defiance. “Do you hear me, Father of Lies? I have chosen again!”

The battle raged on beneath the cliff where she stood. Shienarans with lances fought what seemed an unending horde of Shadowspawn. And, one by one, they died.

“I have chosen again!” It seemed so easy to draw on the Power. She was startled at how easy. More of saidar than she had realized she could hold flooded into her. So easy.

Saidar glowed around her. Living light pulsed in her veins.

“I have chosen again!”

Fire was in her blood. Fire in her eyes. She turned her gaze on the Trollocs and Myrddraal below, and one by one, they ignited.

Fire raged through the armies. But not one flame touched the Shienarans.

Sara laughed in wild delight. The Light - the Light was hers again - she could redeem herself. The Power flowed into her as she drew ever deeper. “I renounce you, Lord of the Grave! I defy you, Leafblighter! I have chosen again!”

The sun was setting, the sky in the west glowing red and gold. It was as if all the world had caught fire. Flames danced in the sky and below over the armies. Flames of the Light, that burnt Shadowspawn but left men unharmed. The Light is mine!

An agonizing pain suddenly replaced the glory, and Sara staggered, almost falling. No! I touched the Light! The pain faded, and saidar with it. It no longer hurt, but the flow of the Power was gone. Gone? How can it be - ah.

So this is what it is like.

“I have been stilled,” Sara said aloud in an almost dreamy tone. “I have been burned out. I am dying.” It was a strange kind of relief she felt. “I made my choice again and these are the consequences. I stole my soul from the Dark One.” She laughed softly. “I walk in the Light, now. Sweet - so sweet...”

She swayed, feeling the life ebb from her. The last light glimmered in the west; it seemed she would go with it. “Chosen again,” she murmured, slipping to her knees as she lost the strength to stand. “I chose again. Chose my freedom.”

Her sudden smile was brilliant. “Life..and the Light...are...sweet...”

'To Choose Again' was originally planned as part of a longer story, to be titled 'Sisters of the Shadow.' Of the four Black sisters who were supposed to feature, only Sara really turned into much of a character, and the idea fizzled out. Looking through my story archives, I found this and decided to touch it up to post here.

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