Screenwriting for the Wheel of Time

 ok, I'm no English major or screenwriter (in fact, I haven't taken a writing class since fall), but I was bored quite recently, so I decided to conjure this up. If a GOOD screenwriter were to create a WoT movie, maybe the script would look something like this:

(note: this is just the Prologue to tEotW; I might or might not write more depending on how bored I am).


The Wheel of Time Part 1: The Eye of the World



A once regal palace in shambles. Stone and motar cover the floor. The floor itself has many deep grooves. Colorful tapestry and other wall hangings litter the ground more often than not. Dead bodies are all over the palace, people with shock painted on their faces as they died. LEWS THERIN TELAMON walks among the bodies. He is in his late forties and quite handsome, despite the dirt on his face and clothes. Right now, he is walking like a man with a bellyful of brandy.


(in a loud and obnoxious voice)

Ilyena! Oh Ilyena!

LEWS THERIN steps over the body of a WOMAN WITH GOLDEN HAIR and stops by a mirror that's hanging askew. He peers at his reflection with a curious look on his face. After a long pause, he bursts out laughing.


Ilyena my love! Come, you must see this!

The air shimmers and ISHAMAEL materializes. ISHAMAEL is a moderately tall man with a look of a scholar with an evil twist. He carefully picks his way over the bodies and stops well short of LEWS THERIN.


Lews Therin. I have come for you.


(turning from the mirror)

Ah, a vistor! Do you have the Voice? It will be time for singing soon and all are welcome to take part.


(with the hint of a sneer in his voice)

Does Shai'tan have you so far in the madness, then?


(in a hushed tone)

That name... you must not say that name... 

(in a louder voice)

oh Ilyena, where are you?


So you remember that much, at least. Remember more, Lews Therin!


(in a soft worried tone)

Ilyena will give me the rough side of her tongue if she thinks I'm hiding a vistor.

(turning to Ishmael)

I really hope you enjoy talking. Ilyena will go on for hours on a subject if you let her.


I cannot have you like this. A pity none of your sisters are around to heal you. But I follow a different power now and it will do as well.

(lifts his hands in a dramatic gesture)

Be healed, Lews Therin!

LEWS THERIN screams and falls to the floor in spasms. Once he stops convulsing, he finds himself next to the WOMAN WITH GOLD HAIR. LEWS THERIN reaches up tenderly and brushes aside a strand of hair. His face contorts with rage as he looks up at ISHAMAEL


(in a low voice that gradually gets louder)

You will pay for this, Betrayer of Hope. Ten years, ten years you foul master racked this world with darkness and despair and now this. For the death of the many, I can do nothing. But for the her death, I will avenge.


Fool! Do you think it was me that slew Ilyena Sunhair? As we speak, the Hundred Companions are tearing the world apart and everyday, a hundred men more join them. It was not my hand that slew those who you love, Lews Therin. That was done by your hand and your hand alone, Kinslayer.

LEWS THERIN looks down at the limp body of GOLDEN HAIRED ILYENA once more. A single tear falls from his eyes and lands on ILYENA'S gown.


(in a dead whisper)

Forgive me, Ilyena. Forgive me.


Lews Therin. There is hope. The Great Lord of the Dark can bring her back. Just bow to me and she can be yours once again. Look around you, Lews Therin. The Great Lord can bring all those that you lost back. Just bow to me and all will be yours.

LEWS THERIN looks to the left and sees the dead. Brother, sisters, servants, friends fill his eyes. He looks to the right and sees more the same. Screaming, he opens up a gateway, a tear in the fabric of space and leaps in.



LEWS THERIN is in the middle of a plain. Nothing but whithered grass is seen for miles.


(screaming like a desperate man)

Ileyna! Forgive me!

The earth starts to shake and the air becomes fire and LEWS THERIN is engulfed in the flames. As he dies, a mountain rises in his place, standing like a final tribute to LEWS THERIN.

The air shimmers and ISHAMAEL materializes. He glares at the mountain and shakes his head.


The fight is never over. Time forever until the Great Lord returns.

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