Aes Sedai Hall of Shame

by Shadar the Mad

This is much simpler than the last...


Every 1000 years or so, the Red Ajah has managed to get one of its own into the Amyrlin Seat. And each time, the result has been disastrous. Tetsuan's envy of Eldrene led to the death of Manetheren. Bonwhin's contempt for Hawkwing put the Tower under siege. And Elaida's hate for Siuan broke the tower altogether.

Sure, there have been other disastrously incompetent Aes Sedai. But the most well known of them all came from the Red Ajah. While others have been kept secret, only three Amyrlins are widely known to have been deposed. Two were Red disasters, while the deposing of the third in favour of a Red was what broke the tower.

Anyone want to draw conclusions?

Conclusions? Just as a guess - you don't think much of the Red Ajah? - Raina

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