Beneath The Shining Walls

In Tar Valon a Tower stands    
White as the palest pearl.
The shining walls keep Aes Sedai
Half hidden from the world.
High as the mountains, the Tower stands unbroken,
Yet it shall fall, as has been Forespoken.

War and strife have rent the Tower-bound,
Split Aes Sedai in twain.
In Salidar Blue sisters plot
To take the Tower again.
Two Amyrlins now arise, but one must surely fall.
Two there are who seek dominion. Only one can rule.

Beneath the Tower’s shining walls,
A battle shall be fought.
The peace of many centuries,
All shall be as naught.
The Wheel cannot be stopped spinning round,
And it spins war for the Tower-bound.

In the night in Salidar,
Egwene walks the Dream,
A Tower in Tel’aran’rhiod,
She walks its halls unseen.
A child Amyrlin, of no Ajah yet all,
Shall it be she to whom the Tower shall fall?

At the heights of Tar Valon,
The Red Ajah is law.
Elaida rules in name
As far as the island’s shore.
But Blue armies approach, and the Black Ajah waits.
Poor Elaida! Caught between two fates.

In Tar Valon a Tower stands
That reaches to the sky.
Often has it been besieged,
Yet still stood proud and high.
But the Tower has been broken, the battle shall be won,
Or lost forever, ‘neath the shining walls of Tar Valon.

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