Threads of Silver

Leanna stood on the balcony of her new rooms. The gardens and streets of Tar Valon were spread out far beneath her. High in the sky above the moon glowed softly, a pale silvery crescent.
“A knife moon!” She laughed bitterly. That was what they called the crescent moon, in the Borderlands. Well, on this occasion at least, it was appropriate. Throwing her shawl back, she moved to the railing.
“Light and Creator, hear me.” Leanna raised her arms to the sky. “Under the Light, and by my hope of salvation and rebirth, I shall not rest until women are no longer leashed like animals, until the last a’dam is destroyed or thrown into the sea. Of this day I am of the Battle Ajah, and I will fight the battle against Seanchan for as long as breath remains in my body.”
Her fists clenched. The Great Serpent ring glittered on her right hand, golden in the moonlight. “Tanya, my sister, you will be avenged. By Light and salvation, this I swear!”

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