Seriously Trivial: Part One

1) To what two causes is the temper of Domani men frequently ascribed?

2) When do dara lilies bloom?

3) Which Ajah has the highest number of known Darkfriends relative to its size?

4) In what year was Davian a False Dragon?

5) What song was being played when Faile proposed to Perrin?

6) Who was the last King of Aldeshar?

7) What jewels are used for the eyes on the Dragon Throne?

8) What did Mat bring home from a trip into the Mountains of Mist?

9) What does “Diynen’d’ma’purvene” mean?

10) What herb does Nynaeve use for heart pains?

11) Who is second-in-command of the Spray?

12) What kind of turtle-shell does Olver have?

13) Who wrote “Surprise is the key to victory, and speed is the key to surprise.”?

The Answers

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