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C - Short Works

Calling Collect (1981) with Arthur L. Samuels

Careful Geometry of Love, The (1994) with Kathe Koja

Causation (1971)

Celebrating (1987)

Chained (1982)

Cheesburger (1978) with John Lutz and Bill Pronzini As by John Barry Williams.

Choral (1977) Later expanded into Chorale.

Chronicles of a Comer (1972) [as K. M. O'Donnell]

City Lights, City Nights (1973) [as K. M. O'Donnell] An alternate version of this story forms the chapters I-IV and VI-VII of the novel The Destruction of the Temple.

Clocks (1978) with Bill Pronzini

Closed Sicilian (1973) The novel Tactics of Conquest is a greatly expanded treatment of the same material.

Close-Up Photos Reveal JFK Skull on Moon! (1994)

Closing the Deal (1974)

Coming Again (1975) with Bill Pronzini

Concerto Academico (1992)

Containment of Calpel V, The (1981)

Conquest (1971) Alternate version appears in Universe Day as chapter VI, "The Conquest of Conquistadores 2423". The Universe Day copyright notice mistakenly credits Galaxy, 1971, rather than New Dimensions.

Conversations at Lothar's (1973) Expanded to young adult length as Conversations.

Cop-Out (1968)[as K. M. O'Donnell]

Cornell (1972)

Corridors (1982) [Lc1983 n] [Ne1982 n]

Coursing (1982)

Culture Lock (1973)

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