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P - Short Works

Pacem Est (1970) [as K. M. O'Donnell] with Kris Neville Alternate version appears in Universe Day as chapter X, "The Martian Campaign 2124"

Parables of Art (1981) with Jack Dann

Passage of the Light, The (1993)

Pater Familias (1972) with Kris Neville

Pio Mosso (1985)

Playback (1990)

Police Actions (1991)

Posar: With the Aliens (1997)
Present Eternal, The (1989)

Prince of the Steppes, The (1988)

Problem Solved (1976) with Bill Pronzini

Prose Bowl (1979) with Bill Pronzini [Bs1980 n][Lc1980 n]

Prowl (1978)


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