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S - Short Works

Sedan Deville (1974)

Seeking Assistance (1976)

September 1958 (1980)

Shakespeare MCMLXXXV (1982) with Bill Pronzini

Shibboleth (1977)

Ship Full of Jews (1992) [Lc1993 n]
Shiva (1999)

Sigmund in Space (1980) Alternate version forms "Chapter Eight" (which appears seventh, between "Four" and "One") of the same name, of The Remaking of Sigmund Freud.

Sinfonia Expansiva (1994)

Something From the Seventies (1993)

Spree (1983)

Standards and Practices (1993)

State of the Art (1974)

Still-Life (1972)[as K. M. O'Donnell] Originally included in Universe Day but withdrawn when publication of Again, Dangerous Visions was delayed.

Streaking (1975)[as K. M. O'Donnell]

Strikes (1980) with Bill Pronzini

Short Religious Novel, A (1972)
Soul Song to the Sad, Silly, Soaring Sixties, A (1971)
Second Short Shortest Fantasy, The (1973)

Sense of the Fire, The (1968)

Several Murders of Roger Ackroyd, The (1977)

Smooth Universe, The (1988) Pastiche. Published as by "R***** S*********".

Student, The (1974) [as K. M. O'Donnell]

76 Ways to Kill an Indian (1984)

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