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T - Short Works

Tapdancing Down the Highways and Byways of Life, etc. (1986)

Tapping Out (1973)

Terminus East (1970) An alternate version appears in Universe Fay as Chapter VII, "An Interval In the Adventure, 1999"

Testify (1974)

Thing Down Hallway 9, The (1975)

Timbrel Sound of Darkness, The (1993) with Kathe Koja

Trials of Rollo, The (1982)

Trials of Sigmund, The (1980) Alternate version forms the prologue of the same name of The Remaking of Sigmund Freud.

Truth of It, The (1974)

Turncoat Journal of Marc Milton Steams, The (1985)

Twentieth Century Murder Case, The (1980)

There the Lovelies Bleeding (1981)

They Took It All Away (1980)

Thirty Seven Northwest (1976)

Thirty-Six Views of His Dead Majesty (1980)

Those Wonderful Years (1973)

Three Portraits from Heisenberg (1995) with Kathe Koja

Thus, to the Stars (1994) with Carter Scholz

Time Traveler (1989)

To Mark the Times We Had (1984)

Track Two (1974)

Transfer (1975)

Trashing (1973)

Trial of the Blood (1974)

Trippers (1974) [as by Robin Schaeffer]

Triptych! 1. Scenes from a Cosmic Novel 2. Fault 3. A Checklist (1973)

Try Again (1974)

Turpentine (1992)

Twenty Sixty-One (1974)

Two Odysseys Into the Center (1972) Comprises "The Conquest of Mars" and "Some Notes Toward a Useable Past".
Although the copyright notice to Universe Day clearly implies that part of this material appears there, in fact perhaps no more than a single sentence ("Mars does not exist.") does.


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