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(Note: The list of writers at the bottom of this page refers to writers that are in some way connected to Malzberg - he has mentioned them, or written introductions to their works, or edited their stories, etc. - and I will add the pertaining info when I have finished updating the bibliography page.)

Malzberg described editor and writer Don Wollheim as "the single most intelligent person I have ever met in the field" in 1979. In addition, he wrote that "he has been my tour guide through the dark and terrible spaces of Grown Up Life In The Wonderful World of American Letters".

He reffered to Neal Barrett, Jr., as "totally underrated" at the same date, and went on to say that Barret has "been putting interesting work into this field for twenty years now" (as of '79).

Malzberg had the following to say about Jack Vance:
"Any fool knows that [he] is one of the ten most important writers in the history of the
field…he has never entered the social life of science fiction, preferring to live iconoclastically
and well in the far West…I cannot recall any other writer in science fiction who was managed
to make a similar reputation without self-promotion."

On A. E. Van Vogt:
"...van Vogt had...nothing less than the ability to deliver (a) total alienness within (b) a hugely panoramic background that (c) seemingly lacked reason and yet came together to (d) end by making total  if terrifying sense".

On Alfred Bester:
"The best stylist pound-for-pound (I'd make him a light heavyweight) in the history of this field is probably Alfred Bester...[...] a writer who I greatly admire." (Malzberg's story Uncoupling is a tribute/pastiche).

Harold Pinter
Cyril M. Kornbluth
Harry Harrison
Phlip K. Dick
Trim Bissell
Robert Silverberg
George Orwell
Bill Pronzini
Kris Neville
Mark Clifton
Alfred Bester
H. H. Brenner
Isaac Bashevis Singer
Herbert Finney
Harold Pinter
Wilfrid Sheed
J. G. Ballard
William Faulkner 1