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The reader be warned, Malzberg's modus operandi as a writer is unique. Sometimes he says things other writers would be afraid to, sometimes he constructs situations other writers couldn't bear to write about. His characters are by turns startling, disgusting, outrageous, bitter, pathetic and brilliant. One consistent quality I have found in his writing is a sense of energy, of expenditure, of consumption, almost exhaustion. Of outrage or sadness, fear or fragmentation. This serves to reinforce the image of Malzberg's writing as a kind of defense mechanism against the mechanical coldness of the universe, and thereby a heady outpouring of himself through his literary visions.

Though I often finds scenes in Malzberg works hilarious, this does not mean that they are "funny" in the mainstream sense of the word. Malzberg’s humor is very dark, peculiar unto himself: it refuses to be categorized. Offbeat would be a mild way of putting it. Personally, he’s one of the few writers who can make me laugh out loud (although perhaps that is simply a reflection of my own dementia).

Just read him and make up your own mind.



Screen (1968)
Oracle of a Thousand Hands (1968)
The Empty People (1969)
Dwellers of the Deep (1970)
Confessions of Westchester County (1971)
The Falling Astronauts (1971)
Gather in the Hall of the Planets (1971)
In My Parents' Bedroom (1971)
The Spread (1971)
Horizontal Woman (1972)
Overlay (1972)
Beyond Apollo (1972)
The Masochist (1972)
Revelations (1972)
In the Enclosure (1973)
Herovit's World (1973)
The Men Inside (1973)
Phase IV (1973)
Underlay (1974)
Guernica Night (1974)
The Destruction of the Temple (1974)
Tactics of Conquest (1974)
The Day of the Burning (1974)
On a Planet Alien (1974)
The Sodom and Gomorrah Business (1974)
Conversations (1974)
Galaxies (1975)
The Gamesman (1975)
The Running of Beasts (1976) with Bill Pronzini
Scop (1976)
Acts of Mercy (1976) with Bill Pronzini
The Last Transaction (1977)
Chorale (1978)
Night Screams (1979) with Bill Pronzini
Prose Bowl (1980) with Bill Pronzini
The Cross of Fire (1982)
The Remaking of Sigmund Freud (1985)

As Howard Lee:

The Way of the Tiger, The Sign of the Dragon (1973)

As Mike Barry - The Lone Wolf series:

Night Raider (1973)
Bay Prowler (1973)
Boston Avenger (1973)
Desert Stalker (1974)
Havana Hit (1974)
Chicago Slaughter (1974)
Peruvian Nightmare (1974)
Los Angeles Holocaust (1974)
Miami Marauder (1974)
Harlem Showdown (1975)
Detroit Massacre (1975)
Phoenix Inferno (1975)
The Killing Run (1975)
Philadelphia Blow-Up (1975)

As Mel Johnson :

Love Doll (1967)
I, Lesbian (1968)
Just Ask (1968)
Instant Sex (1968)
Chained (1968)
Kiss and Run (1968)
Nympho Nurse (1969)
The Sadist (1969)
Do It To Me (1969)
Born to Give (1969)
Campus Doll (1969)
The Box (1969)
A Way With All Maidens (1969)

As Claudine Dumas:

Diary of a Parisian Chambermaid (1969)

As Lee W. Mason:

Lady of a Thousand Sorrows (1977)

As Francine di Natale:

The Circle (1969)

As Gerrold Watkins:

The Art of the Fugue (1970)
A Bed of Money (1970)
Giving It Away (1970)
A Satyr's Romance (1970)
Southern Comfort (1969)

As Eliot B. Reston:

The Womanizer (1972)

Short story/essay collections:

Final War and Other Fantasies (1969)
In the Pocket and Other Science Fiction Stories (1971)
Universe Day (1971)
Out from Ganymede (1974)
The Many Worlds of Barry Malzberg (1975)
The Best of Barry N. Malzberg (1976)
Down Here in the Dream Quarter (1976)
Malzberg at Large (1979)
The Man who Loved the Midnight Lady (1980)
The Engines of the Night: Science Fiction in the Eighties (1982)
The Passage of the Light -- The Recursive Science Fiction of Barry N. Malzberg (1994)
In the Stone House (2000)

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