Boogie Knights

Boogie Knights

Medieval filk? Why not?

This is the band's 2000 picture.

I'd never heard of Boogie Knights until a GaFiA person who attended a Dragon*Con who told me there was this singing group as filk guests of honor who filked popular songs back into the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. When I first heard them, I was amazed. They sounded good. They had shtick, and they do it well. However, initially they didn't know if they wanted to have fans all across the country, so they kept control over their songbooks and produced no CD's. A couple years later, somehow I finally convinced them that were they to let me sell and hype their stuff on the Net, they'd become better known and might sell more of their stuff and get invited to other conventions and become known, well, you know the story.

Right now they have two CDs and at least two books available. The CDs are $15.00 apiece. The covers are below. However, that has now changed. Two new CDs are out: "Hysterially Inaccurate" and "Of Mythic Proportions." They arrived the evening of February 19, 2005.

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