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Hey I'd tell ya when the last time I updated the site was but there's no point, I update it VERY frequently and it's going to be goin under some MAJOR changes in the near future so if the site is down just visit sooon and it'll be back up and running, thanx. Oh and if you get the chance sign my guestbook huh thanx again.

Hey all this here is my shitty page, for now, but since I have Malorryfont size="4" face="Comic Sans MS"> to help me out if she ever found abotu this site.(luv ya mal), I don't really know what to say but I have a picture section in the links and other things as well, just go scope em out and lemme know what u think. I'm prolly gonna start up with some mp3z or emulators or somethin I dunno tho, I'll soon find out.

And by the way some of the lynx might be broken but don't bother to tell me I KNOW which ones they are and I'm working on them as we speak.


SiGn It vIeW iT

(GuEsT bOoK bY gUeStWoRlD)


sign my book pple I NEED those signatures, tell your friends to come too and chek out my sponsers thanx


your the victim to listen to Metallica