"Perpetual iLLnezz", Da motto, peep da profilez of Da 5th Element Here you will receive an overview of who we are on a more personal note.


Name: Carlos Valinceio
Age: 17
From: California
How did I join 5th E.L.E: I flow with a lot of the members in voice chat so we have kinda of a bond that makes our crew that much stronger, I think of my crew as the next big thing online.
Feelings about Hip Hop: I started flowin at the age of 10 and neva stoped Hip Hop is a way of life for me I respect it and show love for it helped me a lot in life, its more then just a hobby, I feel that Hip Hop is dyin tho becuase all the singed artist that paint a horrible picture of what Hip Hop was intended to be and that takes a away from t
he culture 


Name: David Montes(VoLuMe-c4)
Dwelling Spot: Miami,Fl
Age: 16
Out Look On Hip Hop: I think hip hop is a way of life na mean, it's the way we talk, dress, speak....all that and more. Hip Hop is a culture, and an art form that can be mastered.....
How Did I Get In 5tH.e.L.e: It started off as an idea between me and some some members in the current 5tH.e.L.e, most of the emcees i know from audio voice chats, and we just built an idea into a reality na mean...


B.alistic =-  -= A.nimalistic =- -= L.inguistics =- -= P.ortrayin =- -= L.yrical =- -= A.narchy =- -= Y.eildin =- -= A.grivation =-
Age: 17...I was created before 50 % of Hip Hop Started "Gettin Jiggy wit It"....
Location: Brooklyn, NY...Originally I Immigrated Here From Russia...so yes I am an IMMIgrant...and no I dont speak with an accent...only when Im drunk off Vodka...or when Im recordin wit " The Elite Legacy "
Info: I first fell in love with Hip Hop...after listening to Snoop Dogg's "Doggystyle"...After that it's been a roller coaster ride...I began associatinwit kids who oved Hip Hop...black andwhite...black kids were already writitn rhymes...white kids weretoo secretely...I had enough ballz to show a few to well respected catz and they laughed...But i kept writitn outta spite...then the AOL invasion came...evryone I went niggaz were rhymin..spittin...postin...then Thru My Nigga ANUBIS... whom without I wouldnt reocrd anythin in my life...I heard one of his jointz...and from there on it's all been history...
WHY I'm In 5th E.L.E: My Man Immortality started somethin Revolutionary which hip hop is in dire need right now...Not enough concepts...too much whacknes...people are startin to lsoe the sense of hip hop..that once existed...we're tryina bring it back...How can I not be part of it... ? ? ?


Name: They call me "Soul" aKa Shai amongst my peerz
18 w/ a bullet/ da trigga my reality/ tempted 2 pull*it
Orange County/ Los Angelaz (im a wanderer delivering profecies, look for me somewhere on the *Wezt Coast*.
Da 411:
I don't consider my self as a "rapper", I see my self as a poet that spitz at a fast pace/ I last/ to replace/ the face of the human race/ I am a philosopher with many viewz/ ecleptic & opinionated onez/  but I utilize by intellect to avoid an ignorant stance on any topic. I am a SOULiDiFiED individual You will neva find me surrendering, for I will Die b4 I lose trust in my Lord to provide me with safety. I'm
ALIVE My SouL will neva die.
Why I'm in 5th E.L.E:
Becuz the perpetual iLLnezz iz exemplified here.


Name: Jose and crew name is Ill SkriCtiOnS{5tH.e.L.E}
Age: YO my age is 16
Wha u bring?:I'am the beat maker
And the DJ
Why u in hip hop?:I'am in the hip hop game, not only to make money but to help the peeps in our crew. Like the freestyler's in our crew.


name: John Sumner
where you live: New jeruz/Maryland in md right now though
how you got involved in the crew: Heard about it from Dark Angel & Blasphemy
outlook on hip hop: Alot of wack rappers out there i intend to rip em all watch out you might be one =)


name: johnathan delarosa (killahpoet)
age: 17
from: newark, nj
outlook on hiphop: i think hiphop is one of the best things in my life, it's the culture, the life of knowing i'm an emcee, to me hiphop is self expression, i wanna drop ill sounds and vibes of the true art form na mean.....
how did i get involved in this crew: members from the crew asked to to join, and i was down with the whole idea so i got in.....