Top Ten Things Overheard at the 30th Anniversary Star Trek Convention

10. "I just got Shatner to autograph my tush!"

9. "I think you're right, the hot chicks hang out at the X-Files convention."

8. "OK, a Vulcan, a Betazoid and a Klingon walk into a bar ..."

7. "But Ma -- you said I could have my own phaser when I turned 40!"

6. "Oh darn, James Doohan is stuck in the door again."

5. "OK, men, set your phasers on zit-removal, and let's go get us some chicks."

4. "Not to boast, but I played the unnamed, red-shirted security guy in the landing party killed in episodes 4, 7, 15 and 29."

3. "No, really, Fibercon IS better than Metamucil."

2. Wow! Two girls! That's twice as many as we had at the 20th-anniversary convention!

1. "Live long and purchase."