1. You can recite every episode title - in order - from the original series.

2. You prefer watching Star Trek videos to going to Mooloolaba (Qld, Australia) on New Years Eve.

3. You pulled the legs off your guinea pig so you'd have a tribble.

4. You tried to defect to America so you can join their navy and serve on the Enterprise.

5. Your spouse left you because you wanted them to dress up like a Klingon.

6. You have Star Trek bumper stickers on your car.

7. Your college thesis was a comparison of warp drive and 4-wheel drive.

8. You get really agro when people say "Star Trek? Isn't that the one with Darth Vader?"

9. You have calculated the co-ordinates to Vulcan.

10. You can understand and use the stardate system.

11. You've given serious thought to actually buying the $300 model of the Enterprise from the Franklin Mint.

12. You start a Star Trek fan club in your area.

13. You start saying "make it so" in casual conversation.

14. You wonder why Geologists don't know what Dilithium Crystals are.

15. You try to find synthehol in your local bottle shop.

16. You forget that elevators don't have voice command.

17. You can understand the Klingon language.

18. Your 3 year old child can recite the Star Trek opening credits.

19. You use "variable phase inverter" in a sentence without thinking about it first.

20. You can actually remember Picard's full authorization code.