Oh, Star Trek. Why do I hate thee? Let me count the reasons...


The plots. Never innovative, always cliche. By the time you are 5 to 10 minutes into an episode, you already know how it will end.

3. How many damned versions of the same show do we really need?!? TOS, TNG, Voyager and DS9? IT'S ALL THE SAME!!

4. At the end of every episode, all of the major characters will be back to normal, and no one ever suffers from permanent effects of whatever  transpired during the show. (unless there is a cast revision in the works)

4. Every time that the Enterprise is hosting an alien VIP, something goes amiss. You'd think that after awhile, Starfleet would realize that the Enterprise is not capable of protecting the VIP's, and get another ship to chauffeur the aliens.


The shields on the Enterprise NEVER withstand a battle. Uhm...hello? Time to call a mechanic??

7. No one has ever smacked Wesley Crusher. He is a pompous little snot, and is always causing trouble, and you KNOW that the crew wants to beat him to a pulp.

8. When the crew gets themselves into a dangerous situation, it is ALWAYS blamed on the aliens!!


10. Kirk and Riker ALWAYS fall in love with women on the planets they visit...and they are ALWAYS tragically separated in the end of the episode. How evil is THAT?

11. If I hear Picard say "Make it so" ONE MORE TIME...

12. The Holodeck. How many times has it malfunctioned, trapping the crew member inside? Once again...CALL A MECHANIC. Or better yet, do away with them. To replace them, use something never before seen on the show- BOOKS AND MAGAZINES! What a novel idea.


Well, there you have a few of the reasons I dislike Star Trek. Maybe if I get really bored some day, I'll add the rest.