Land of Hope

Walking along, you feel as though there is something hiding from your vision.  That there is a secret somewhere, but you can not figure it out.  The feeling pricks at you as you scan the sky, searching for the reason.
The wind swirls around you, and clouds blot out the sun for a minute, and when it clears there is a young girl standing next to you.  She does not say a word, but reaches for your hand, and leads you to a large tree.  The branches come out at angles that look easy for climbing.  A few leaves flutter down to the ground around you, and you brush them away.
The girl looks up, and you see a form on one of the high branches.  It is shadowed, and partially covered by leaves, but you think you see the glint of light on eyes peering down at you.
A voice calls out, ringing down from the high branch.  "Thank you for bringing the 'lenca to me Siala.  You did a very good job."  The girl smiles up brightly at the shadow, and disappears into the surrounding trees, the sound of twigs cracking underfoot following her away.
The shadow moves, downward to another branch.  Finally it is right above you, and you see that it is a girl.  She has dark red hair, seeming highlighted by light streaks.  She crouches on the branch and watches you curiously.
"Greetings 'lenca.  What brings you to Vah'se'kahra?"  You look confused, and she gives a half smile.  "Sorry, I forget.  Vah'se'kahra is this land which you are in, the Land of Hope."  She smiles out, looking at the view from the branch.
You nod, and turn to look out also.  The girl jumps down from the branch, and lands with a *thump* on the ground beside you.
"Beautiful isn't it?  I hope it stays this way.  Many worlds have been ruined, and we hope for Vah'se'kahra to stay pure, with the creatures living here."  She smiles sadly, then turns back to you.
"Sorry I forgot to introduce myself!  I'm Jaycee, some call me keeper of this land.  I don't know about that, but I do care for it."  You nod.
"Do you have any questions 'lenca?"  You blink, and ask what 'lenca means.  She laughs.  "Sorry, I'm so used to speaking like that, and expecting people to understand me.  'Lenca is the word for traveller, as you are." 
She smiles, and starts off down a path, which ends at a large rock.  Should you
follow her?  Before she disappears out of sight, she calls out, "You can visit Taia'daki, the Pah'llock currently living over there! The Kit'lapar are off to your left!"