UFO's are just the lie put up to distract us from the real truth.

Behold the coming of the evil ones!

Oh, the humanity! The humanity of it all!

The assimilation has begun! Bwuahahaha!!!

In the beginning....

As you no doubt know, penguins have peacefully coexisted alongside man for untold centuries, as they shared similar, yet different ideals, and for many a stormy, wintery night, shared a warm fire out of common need.

Or have they?!

Here on this very own web page which I have graciously sacraficed my only spare time to, you will find out all about the fake facts, the true facts, and even some stuff that you didn't want to know, but were forced to read, about penguins.

Before going to the links , I suggest you read the various outlined, and even the variously non-outlined specifics which are discussed in the disclaimer. Come on , at least read it for fun! You know you want to! I don't want any whining about anything later on because you didn't read it!


The author of this web page is not responsible for any health hazard that this information may cause to anyone or anything or otherwise unspecified being who accesses the information presented in the various links and or pages which have been placed here by said author. If any discomfort continues for a prolonged amount of unspecified time, please consult your doctor. If you don't have a doctor, then I suggest you at least find a psychologist, for that's the first thing you'll need to deal with most, if not all, of the information contained in these pages. (whew!) Have a nice trip, complimentary peanuts will be served during the boat ride, please keep all appendages to yourself until ride comes to a complete and rather sudden stop.

In case you haven't noticed , this page is under construction, so be patient while I process some penguins for you. Make sure you reload the page everytime you visit, because I'll be updating it almost every hour or so....at least, until the penguins finally track me down!

Are you confused? Does this site make you want to run out and buy a pointy stick? Or does this site make you question your beliefs? Well, whatever the case may be, send those ideas and comments to My Humble Email

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