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Isolde - Built by John Buck. This is a shoulder fired Arquebus of the Wars of the Roses/Burgundian Wars period. The barrel is a .54 smoothbore with a simple shoulder stock, priming pan and cover, and serpentine lock. The piece is copied from plate D in the Osprey The Swiss at War 1300-1500 minus the hole drilled in the stock for the thong. The serpentine lock was just a simple serpentine attached to the stock, but it was the first attempt to free up the second hand so that it could be used to improve aiming.

Gretchen - Built by Eric Kettenburg she is a replica of a early 15th Century firearm. This gun is a .77 smoothbore with an ash tiller. The picture of a simliar gun from 1411 is the oldest illustration of a Serpentine Lock firearm.

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