The Cast of VirtuaPern!
Well more or less. ;)  We made quite a showing at DragonCon this year, quite surprised the fanzine folks who ran the Pern Weyrfest. Starting from the left in the back row we have a very important man: Danny! My SO (and the guy who pays for VP's domain name and other nifties!)  Then comes Edlor, S'lan, T'on, Maelin, Sabria, Kenara, Aria.  On the bottom row on the left is Tenneba with Sitric in front of her, then Tam with Phoenix in front of her.  Then Jaelle, Pris with V'netin holding a firelizard, then Diep and Helena.
The Candidates of Fort Weyr: Sitric, Vanetin, Diep, and Priscila!
Here's John and his wife Jenna. :)  Also known as S'lan of Fort Weyr, and Jaelle of Healer Hall!
Here's Maelin, she's not on all that much at VirtuaPern quite yet, but she will be. ;)  She's better known as Danae at Harper's Tale!
Last updated 9/19/98