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Sabria's Solar

A solar was a place for a medieval lady to spend her day, often busy sewing, weaving, talking, and socializing with her ladies in waiting. Often she'd have attending minstrels to entertain them while they were there. These are my selections of music to entertain you. I only wish that these were indeed Pernese, but the CD has not yet been released though Del Rey has mentioned one in the making.

This is Mussorgsky's Night on Bald Mountain. One of my personal favorites. I consider it 'music to fly Thread to'.
This is Bach's Little Fugue in G minor. My all time favorite from my days as a flute/bassoon player back in High School. It's alot of fun to play with all those rounds of different instruments coming in at different sections.
More Bach. You'll see lots more Bach on this page. Contrapunctus No. 4 Another fugue.
Bach. Bach. Bach. Fugue in C. I like him for the fugues, alright?
It's Bach, but it's not a fugue this time. Heehee. Minuet in G.
Beethoven. Sonatina in F.
My second favorite musician is Anton Dvorak. This is the first movement from his New World Symphony No. 9. Largo.
This should be very familiar to alot of people and I think mayhaps the reason why I go to like Dvorak. New World Symphony, 4th movement. Allegro con fuoco.
I've a thing for Celtic music, there's something fey and mysterious about it that I absolutely adore. Not to mention considering Anne McCaffrey's Irish background, it seemed like appropraite music for my website. Eamonn Jig.
Kell's Song
King of the Fairies.
James Galway is a world famous flutist. I first heard his rendition of this song on a Chieftain's CD. There was also a version of this song done in Star Trek: The Next Generation. I forget the episode name, but it was just after Picard met the probe that showed him living on an alien planet that was destroyed. The song he learned to play there and later showed in a subsequent episode being done as a duet with a pianist (rolled up piano! Cool!) sounded alot like this song, though I prefer a less 'rollicking' version myself.
I don't know where this song originated from, I found it on a friend's webpage labled: Romeo and Juliet.
As I Roved Out One Morning. Another Irish piece.
The Boar and the Fox.
Limerick's Lamentation.
Often called the bard of the modern age, Thomas O'Carolan was a wandering minstrel who made beautiful music as he went all over Ireland. This was the first piece he was known to have composed. Si Bheag Si Mhor. While it's a lilting happy sounding piece, supposedly it's about a war between the 'good elves' and the 'bad elves', the Sidhe and the Unsidhe.
O'Carolan's Welcome.
O'Carolan's Lament.
This was O'Carolan's last piece, composed just before his death. O'Carolan's Farewell to Music. Makes me cry just listening to it.

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