Anne McCaffrey's Permission for VirtuaPern MOO

[Anne's address removed.]

1 August 1995

[Steve's address removed.]

Dear Steven

Both copies of your letter arrived and that is some SERIOUS computer set-up you have to play a Purer Pern Moo.

I think we need to talk more about this as the project has quite a few ramifications that I would like to know in detail. It might, indeed, require special licensing. I say this, because currently The Dragonriders of Pern (r) are under option for a film and I shall have to check out about the legalities of this.

Did you not realize that I'm on-line - [Removed.]? And I have the above fax number [Removed].

I gather that you do not intend for the AIVAS project to work so that there IS a Tenth Pass - which, at this moment in Pern history, there isn't. So, if you don't intend to rewrite Pern history as I have written it, how will you rationalize the fact that the wanderer planet has now been blown off its course so that it 1) doesn't enter the Oort cloud at all to pick up the mycorrhizoid spores and 2) doesn't orbit close enough to Pern to continue to be a menace?

At such a remove, I can also see my way clear to allow you to use Benden Weyr and Ruatha Hold in your game play. (But do not use descendants of my original cast of characters.) The notion of an AI deciding events is a good one - which may not satisfy some folks who will always seem to want to be either bronze or gold dragonriders. (Too many chiefs and not enough Indians.) Once Threadfall was over, by the bye, women could Impress green dragons. They're the really fancy fliers, you realize.

Thank you very much for your fascination with my World of Pern.

Yours Sincerely,

Anne McCaffrey SFWA Author's Guild Nine

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Posted 4/24/97.

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