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Anyone who wishes to be a member of Xanadu Weyr must ask one of the staff members for an interview first. If you're accepted (have a general background history, description, knowledge of the theme, etc.) then you'll be added to the Weyr as a Guest resident. After a month you may ask to become a full Resident or request to leave the Weyr and live somewhere else. Considering the history of the Weyr, there of course cannot be anyone claiming that they were born in Xanadu.

After a month, residents may ask to hold positions in the weyr, such as assistant stewards or headwomen, cooks, nannies, etc. Players interested in Impression should see the Search page. See 'help xanadu weyr' on the game itself for the list of staff members. Note: Positions such as Sr. Weyrwoman or Headwoman are not necessarily game staff. In the story line they are, but out of context they do not necessarily have staff power.

Staff members are elected bi-annually by anonymous vote.

Xanadu Council Policy
The purpose of this new policy is to create a more flexible staff structure with opporotunities for all members of the Weyr rather than one limited by any IC positions. Further more, it's purpose is also to help avoid the possibility of stagnation within the leadership cadre where the likelyhood of prejudice, jadedness, and inactivity are not uncommon. To avoid confusion, the group will be called the Council.

Essentially, the Council of Xanadu Weyr will be composed of the Sr. Weyrwoman, the Weyrleader (If he is NPC, another may be substituted), and the WeyrlingMaster, plus SIX additional Staff members elected by the full Weyr consisting of volunteers from the Weyr's population. This will make a party of 9 residents of the Weyr. All members of the Weyr (Anyone that is a listed member of the FO) may volunteer to be on the Council. Any of the three 'automatic staff' (The WW, WL, WLM) may choose to relinquish his/her Council position for another member of the Weyr. (The total Council should not exceed 9, but it does not /have/ to be 9)

Note: Relinquishing the seat on the Council need not effect IC related responsibilities. Example, the WLM may choose not to be involved on the Council, but will still be in charge of the Weyrling training, etc. The WW and WL may also choose not to have a vote on the Council, but when important Weyr related issues come up, they must forward the problem to the Council.

The six un-IC rank related Council members will be chosen via vote. A coded vote counter has been coded (Thank you Thomas!!) that will tally the six volunteers with the most votes. The code will only allow people on the FO to vote and will only accept one vote for each person listed. It will also NOT show what each person voted. It will be anonymous.
Elections will take place bi-annually. Approximately every six months a new election will take place. There will not be a limitation on the number of terms served or the number of consecutive terms served so as long as each Council member is indeed duly voted in by the Weyr.

Provisions for the early removal of a Council member are as follows:
Should the behavior of a Council member prove to be inconsistent with the policies of the Weyr, or the game, he or she may be removed from the Council by a 2/3rds vote of the remainder of the Council. (Ie, 6 votes)

If a Council member should voluntarily resign, he/she may only return to the Council if the Term is not yet finished and if 2/3rds of the remaining Council agrees.
Ex-Council members who are removed or who have resigned are still free to go for relection for future Terms. (After all, they still need to be voted in.)

Responsibilities of the Council will be in regards to the OOC matters of the Weyr. ICly there are to be no references to the Council in role-play as it does not exist in that manner. :) ICly, the Weyr is maintained solely by the leadership of the Sr. Weyrwoman and the Weyrleader.

OOCly, the Council will be in charge of handling matters such as new residents, accepting posts for new crafters to the Weyr, inter-Area issues that may arise, assisting in resolving internal Weyr issues, building and maintenance of the Weyr, and such related details.

Issues that would affect Weyr as a whole, such as changes to policies should be resolved by the entire Weyr via vote. The Council exists to handle the day to day matters.

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