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Melinde Asst Headwoman Dryw Asst Headwoman
Charles Weyrfolk Cara Granny
Diata Weyrbrat Saeda Weyrbrat
Dubheasa Weyrfolk Mialie Headwoman
Randal Weyrfolk Allyson HeadSteward
Bever Guardsman Helaine Soapmaker's Asst.
Malleena Guest Resident Veria Weyrbrat
Jesslyn Weyrfolk Briston Fosterling
Joni Asst Bartender Tamman Guardsman

Hanz Smith Journeyman
Callista Herder Journeyman
Brekka Harper Journeyman
Kadan Harper Apprentice
Aspen Healer Master
Tam Dragonhealer
Rivka Dragonhealer

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