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Search at Xanadu Weyr

Xanadu Weyr's next Search will begin sometime late Spring of '99 with the Hatching sometime during the Summer. The clutch will likely be by Jr. Weyrwoman Kalanthe and gold Sirikith. Requests for OOC applications will not be accepted till we've announced the opening.

OOC applications (once Search has been officially announced.) will only be accepted up until midnight EST the night before the Clutching. Late applications will not be taken without advanced notice to the Search Committee with an acceptible reason.

You must also request permission to be searched from your Area Leader. If you do not do so, we will not consider your application.

Search Policy at Xanadu Weyr

Staff members such as the Headwoman, Steward, etc, are unlikely to be Searched. However if the person has already spent several months at Xanadu or were present for more than one Hatching, then considerations will be made. Since IC permissions from the area leader is needed to apply, @send *xwstaff with questions.

Crafters posted at the weyr are considered to be transient residents since reposting is up to the craftmasters. However, crafters will not be Searched without permission from their craft and we would prefer if they spend sometime at the Weyr before applying.

Weyrfolk are expected to have spent at least 3-4 months at the Weyr before applying for Search. This is make sure there is plenty of character development, as well as making sure residents are not here at Xanadu simply because they believe it will make the chance of Impression higher. The only way it does is because we get to know you better through rp during those months outside of Search situations.

As a courtesy, Xanadu Weyr will not Search in the lower caverns of other Weyrs, nor will Searchriders of other Weyrs be expected to come to Xanadu (except for rp of course!).

VP policy states that there may now be more than one rider alt per player. This is a new policy as VP is considering opening more Weyrs, but exact details will not be determined till a later date. If you are considering applying a second time, you must maintain a minimum 5 hours a week on both alts or you will loose one. Current policy states that you may only Impress twice on VP in total, regardless of whether a past alt is still in existance or not. Please request the PTPC application instead of the regular application.

Lord/Lady Holders or CraftMasters will not be Searched.

Crafters with the rank of Master, Lord/Ladies, or Heirs will not be Searched except for special circumstances and IC/OOC permissions from all relevant area leaders. It will be VERY unlikely that this will happen.

Residents of Holds, Journeymen and Apprentices of all crafts, need to have IC permission to be Searched from their area leader, before applying.

We would rather not Search Holdless people, we prefer that characters have settled into some part of Pern society before applying. This is so that if you unfortunately don't Impress, you have a home or craft to return to.

The character should be minimum 13 turns of age or maximum 25 turns. Exceptions might be made, but the best chances are for characters within that range. Characters are expected to have been created at least two weeks before applying for Search. Candidates are expected to be physically fit and able to perform the duties of a dragonrider, there will be a mandatory physical performed by the Weyr healer after being Searched (rp'd).

Please understand that these rules are only for your benefit and if given careful thought, there are not many rules that would affect most applicants and are logical in nature.

Please note that the committee reserves the right to confidentiality about Search. If you are not searched and wish to know why, @send to *bbs. If we feel we can tell you the reasons, then you will be mailed a response, if not, there is nothing we can do to help, regrettably. Note that harassing committee members will not be in your favor for the next Search.

If there are any other questions, contact the Search Committee members at *bbs. Thank you for reading this and good luck!

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