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I first started roleplaying the summer of 1988, just before I turned 12. It was a typical generic AD&D campaign. I played a thief that was built more like a warrior, and liked to break down doors instead of picking locks. It was several years before I would be involved in another serious campaign. During the interim my reading preference moved from mostly science fiction towards more fantasy...heroic fantasy in particular. One of my primary influences has to be the DragonLance series by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman. My favorite characters were definitely Raistlin and Tanis. What really got me back into roleplaying in a serious way was my attending the Oklahoma School of Science and Math. I mean any time you get a sizable number of nerds (as in intelligent and creative people) living together there is bound to be some good old fashioned D&D going on. Since that dubious beginning almost eleven years ago I have played in 8 systems (AD&D -Generic/DragonLance/ForgottenRealms, Warhammer Fantasy, Amber, Star Wars, Werewolf, Vampire, GURPS, and Trinity). It has only been in the several years since I have been in college that I have been exposed to all of the non-AD&D games. I even attended my first gaming convention earlier this year, Steel Con 99. I have also experimented with several online systems: MUDs, MUSHes, MUCKs, etc...

My DragonLance Page (both RPG and the books)

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My Werewolf: The Apocolypse, and other Storyteller Stuff Page

My GURPS (Generic Universal Roleplaying System) Page

My MUD & MUSH Page

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