The Willow/Shadow Moon Encyclopedia

Here's a listing of characters, places, and elements from the Saga.  (It's far from complete; this is less than a third of the entries I intend on posting, but I thought this was a good start.)

Occasionally, different sources contradict each other (the NES game, for example, disagrees with Wayland Drew's novelization on the background of Bavmorda and Fin Raziel).  In these cases, the precedence is as follows:

WM: Willow, the motion picture
SM: Shadow Moon, by George Lucas and Chris Claremont
SD: Shadow Dawn, by Chris Claremont; story by George Lucas
WS: The Willow Sourcebook, by Allen Varney
WN: Willow, the novel by Wayland Drew, based on the motion picture
WG: The Willow Game, by Greg Costikyan
WNES:  Willow, the NES video game, by Capcom

The abbreviations above are used in parentheses after each entry to document the sources.

Alyn: Hanray's captain. (SD)

Airk Thaughbaer: A valiant knight in the army of Galladoorn. Longtime friend and mentor of Madmartigan (though the two were known to be at odds with each other from time to time), Airk convinced his army to join in Madmartigan's quest to protect the baby Elora Danan. He was killed in the battle of Nockmaar by the merciless General Kael. (WM)

Anakerie: The daughter of the king of Angwyn. Anakerie became disenchanted with palace life the night of the Cataclysm, when her brother disappeared, her mother died, and Elora Danan showed up in the palace courtyard. When her father demanded Anakerie become one of Elora's Vizards, Anakerie ran away. She eventually met up with the Maizan, learned their skills, and joined their ranks, all the while kindling a mutual feeling of love for the Maizan Castellan, Mohdri. She returned to Angwyn for the Ascension, she found her mistrust of the young Sacred Princess justified when some unknown force froze the city and all it's inhabitants. (SM)

Anakerie spent the next three years hunting down Elora Danan as a member of the Maizan's elite assassin group, the Black Rose. When she finally caught up with Elora in Sandeni, only to realize that her long lost brother had teamed up with the silver-skinned Princess. Upon this discovery, Anakerie rejected her past life with the Maizan and vowed to stay with her brother. (SD)

Anele: Thorn Drumheller's female eagle companion. She and her mate, Bastian, can communicate with Thorn using MindSpeech. (SM, SD)

Angwyn: The greatest of the Western kingdoms, Angwyn rests on the coast of Sunset Ocean. It was here that the one-year-old Elora Danan found herself the morning after the Cataclysm, when her home castle of Tir Asleen was destroyed. The King of Angwyn raised Elora from that day until the day of her Ascension, when all of Angwyn was frozen by the Deceiver's magic. (SM)

Ascension, The: The ceremony on Elora Danan's thirteenth birthday, when representatives of all Twelve Realms congregated in Angwyn to witness her coronation as ruler of the Realms. Unfortunately, during the occasion the Deceiver showed up disguised as Willow Ufgood, and tried his best to destroy Elora. While Elora escaped with the help of Thorn Drumheller, the Deceiver succeeded in freezing the entire Kingdom of Angwyn, all its residents, and everyone in attendance of the Ascension. (SM)

Bastian: Thorn Drumheller's male eagle companion. He communicates with Thorn using MindSpeech, and is Anele's mate.

Bavmorda: The Demon Queen. A young sorceress of Tir Asleen, she used her powers to seduce the Prince (with whom she bore a daughter, Sorsha) and to kill off the old King and Queen. Once Queen, she banished her old rival Fin Raziel, put a curse on Tir Asleen, and built the Nockmaar fortress as the new center of her growing empire. (WN)

The only thing that stood in the way of Bavmorda's quest to rule the world was a prophecy which said a baby named Elora Danan would one day be her downfall, so Bavmorda made it her mission to destroy Elora before Elora destroyed her. But, just as she was about to destroy Elora's soul in the Rite of Oblivion, Bavmorda made a fatal error, and performed the ritual on herself instead. (WM)

Black-Eyed Susan's: A tavern on the island of Madaket in Sandeni, which employed an undercover Elora Danan during her stay in the city.

Black Rose, The: An elite group of Maizan assassins. (SD)

Brownies: A warrior race of the Lesser Faery that closely resemble Daikini, only much smaller; the average brownie is but a few inches tall. The brownie social structure revolves around the burrow, a system of underground tunnels in which a brownie clan resides. Despite their diminutive stature, brownies are known to be fearsome adversaries, and are renowned throughout the Realms for their loyalty as well as their biting wit. (WM, SM, SD)

Burglekutt: The Prefect of Willow Ufgood's village, who was always at odds with Willow. (WM)

Canterfree: Franjean's eagle, who helped him steal the baby Elora Danan away from Madmartigan. (WS)

Carathor: A kingdom that fell under Nockmaar rule during Bavmorda's reign. (WS)

Carissima: The alleged princess from Cashmere with whom Madmartigan fell in love, while still a knight of Galladoorn. Convinced that Madmartigan had been cheating on her, she made public that Madmartigan had revealed court secrets to her, prompting Madmartigan's fall from grace. (WS)

Cascani: A clan of seafaring Daikini. They are renowned the world over as honest and just traders, and in provincial towns the Cascani house is often called upon to resolve third-party disputes. As much at home on the sea as on land, the Cascani have a strong alliance with the Wyrrn. (SM, SD)

Cataclysm, The: A strange phenomena that took place exactly one year after Bavmorda's downfall, when certain places of power around the earth (including Tir Asleen) mysteriously vanished without a trace. (SM)

Centaurs: Creatures with the torso of a Daikini and the bottom half of a horse. (SD)

Cherlindrea: Queen of the fairies. She took a special interest in the well-being of Elora Danan early on, persuading Willow Ufgood to protect the Sacred Princess and giving him her wand to help him in this task. (WM)

While in attendance of Elora's Ascension, Cherlindrea was frozen, along with all the other representatives of the Thirteen Realms, by the Deceiver's magic. (SM)

Citadel, the: An enormous, semi-circular fortress in Sandeni that not only houses the city government but also provides defense against would-be marauders. (SD)

Count Venarium:A nobleman who Madmartigan from time to time either claims to have assassinated or claims to have rescued from assassination. (WS)

Cyclopes: Large, strong, humanlike beasts that feed on flesh. They are rarely seen in modern times. (WS)

Daquise: Maulroon's Wyyrn companion (SM)

Durward: The court poet of Tir Asleen. Bavmorda killed him when he suggested that she had been responsible for the deaths of the elderly King and Queen. (WS)

Fennel: The Nockmaar lieutenant whom Bavmorda transformed into a giant maggot for teaching Sorsha how to use a sword. (WS)

Ganthem's Crossing: A small village near Sandeni, where the rising tension between the two sides of the Veil climaxed in an apocalyptic battle. In the end, the streets were littered with the corpses of Daikini and Veil Folk alike. (SD)

Garegg Toth: One of the few surviving knights of Galladoorn. (WS)

Ghilasson: In Nockmaar folklore, the bringer of death. Born a man and raised by a witch, Ghilasson became such a renowned warrior that he challenged the World Hag to battle for control of the underworld. Though the World Hag won the contest, so impressed was she by his ruthlessness that she appointed him her servant, and gave him the strength of ten men. According to the legend, he was eventually defeated by Terembal and trapped beneath the ground forever. (WS)

Hanray: The Cascani Factor in the Valley of the Mountain Kings (SD)

Harkenwell: The high commander of the Nockmaar Army, until Kael tricked him into taking responsibility for a military blunder; afterward, Bavmorda sent him to the northern wastes, and Kael succeeded as high commander. (WS)

Jarenth: A minister of Galladoorn, and Madmartigan's nemesis. Jealous of the young knight's skill, Jarenth carefully orchestrated his affair with Carissima and subsequent downfall. According to Madmartigan, he was killed by a cyclops in the Battle of Land's End. (WS)

Keri: (see Anakerie)

King Tantholos the Eighth (the Great): Ruler of Tir Asleen during its height, and father of Prince Mikal Tantholos. (WS)

King Tantholos the Ninth: (see Prince Mikal Tantholos)

Land's End: The place where the Army of Galladoorn met Bavmorda's army in combat, where Madmartigan deserted Galladoorn, and in doing so, betrayed his best friend, Airk Thaugbaer. (WN)

Lardetter: The old archivist in Willow's village. (WS)

Lop: Sorsha's only childhood friend, a mangy lop-eared cat. One day when Bavmorda was trying to teach her daughter magic, the evil Queen tricked Sorsha into accidentally killing the cat. (WS)

Madaket: An island in the Sandeni flood plain. Close to both the Citadel and the university quarter, the island's taverns and coffee houses attract both professionals and students alike. (SD)

Madmartigan: An incredible Daikini swordsmen who helped Willow Ufgood to save Elora Danan from the evil clutches of Bavmorda. Madmartigan was born of noble parents in the kingdom of Galladoorn, and in his childhood wanderings outside the palace he became friends with a group of Eastern horsemen who taught him horseback riding and archery. When raiders suddenly attacked Galladoorn, though, the weapon that came to his hand was the sword, and he used it with natural skill to defend himself and his family. He was only eleven. Madmartigan continued his training in the ways of knighthood, but rarely socialized with the other young Galladoorns. The only exception was Airk Thaughbaer, his elder by several years. When Madmartigan eventually fell into disgrace because of a love affair with an Eastern beauty, it was Airk who gave him one last chance to regain his honor. Madmartigan blew this opportunity by shamefully deserting Airk and the Army of Galladoorn at Land's End, where he was supposed to help battle Bavmorda's army. (WN)

When Willow Ufgood stumbled upon Madmartigan, he was in a crow's cage at the Daikini Crossroads. After a rough start, the two became fast friends, and Madmartigan journeyed with Willow all the way to Tir Asleen, where he remained with his new bride, Princess Sorsha, after the battle of Nockmaar. (WM)

A year later, Madmartigan disappeared in the Cataclysm, along with the rest of Tir Asleen, the castle and all its inhabitants. (SM)

Malatrium, The: An evil book of magic, bound in iron with pages of thin gold leaf. Bavmorda possessed it during her rule; afterward, it disappeared. (WS)

Markath: A sage who's study lies in the forest surrounding the River Troon. (WG)

Mims: Willow Ufgood's daughter. (WM)

Mount Chandraloa: An impossibly tall mountain that Madmartigan claims to have scaled. (WS)

Paj: Torquil's biological son. (SD)

Parry: Luc-Jon's master. (SD)

Pesto the Magnificent: A traveling entertainer, who's slight-of-hand tricks enthralled a young Willow Ufgood and inspired him to study magic. (WS)

Pilar: A woman who works at Black-Eyed Susan's. (SD)

Pohas: A clan of malicious Daikini raiders. (WN, WG)

Prince Mikal Tanthalos: The heir to the throne of Tir Asleen, who while courting Fin Raziel was enchanted by Bavmorda; he married her soon after. After the birth of Sorsha, Bavmorda froze him in crystal along with the rest of Tir Asleen. (WS)

Raasay: Tam's great-great grandfather, a Rock Nelwyn. (SD)

Ranon: Willow Ufgood's son. (WM)

Razi: Maulroon's mate.  (SD)

Red Lions, The: The personal guard of the King of Angwyn. (SM)

Renny Garedo: A constable in Sandeni, of Daikini and High Elf blood. He was one of the few entrusted with Elora Danan's identity, and took responsibility for her safety while in Sandeni. (SD)

Rico: A trolley conductor in Sandeni, friend of Tam. (SD)

Rite of Oblivion, The: The black ceremony by which Queen Bavmorda intended to obliterate the soul of Elora Danan. (WM)

Roniro: The old swordmaster who taught a young Madmartigan the lost art of sushin, but died shortly after his prodigious disciple was knighted. (WS)

Sandeni Municipal Railway: The system of trolley cars that provide public transportation for Sandeni

Schnorr Ufgood: Willow Ufgood's hardworking farmer father, who died at a relatively young age. (WS)

Slave Ring: A magic brace that binds body and soul of whoever wears it to the owner. (SD)

Soreen: Willow Ufgood's sister. She married and moved to another village shortly before their father, Schnorr, passed away. (WS)

Sorsha: The daughter of the Demon Queen Bavmorda and the good Prince of Tir Asleen, whose fiery red hair she inherited. Bavmorda raised the young princess as a warrior; Sorsha became a master archer and horseback rider, knowledgeable enough in the art of war to command the Nockmaar Army. When her battles brought her up against the valiant swordsman Madmartigan, though, she became smitten with love, rejected her wicked past, and vowed to put an end to her mother's treachery. Once Bavmorda was defeated, she married Madmartigan and lived with him in her childhood home of Tir Asleen. (WN, WM)

One year after Bavmorda's downfall, Sorsha disappeared in the Cataclysm, along with the rest of Tir Asleen. (SM)

Stag Lord, The: Able to change his appearance to that of any animal, the Stag Lord was Cherlindrea's mate and the ruler of all the beasts in Cherlindrea's Grove. When the Grove was burned down by the Deceiver, the Stag Lord survived only by the healing magic of Thorn Drumheller. Shortly after, he was killed by the Maizan, but not before inflicting a fatal wound to their Castellan, Mohdri. (SM)

Summoning Horn: Blown from the highest tower of Galladoorn, it calls all knights and warriors to defend the castle. (WS)

Sushin: The exotic school of "mosquito" sword fighting, developed in the northeastern kingdoms beyond the mountains of Nockmaar. It's distinctive style is characterized by a delicate handling of the sword, and an overall finesse. (WS)

Tam: A trolley brakeman in Sandeni. For a short time, he was involved romantically with Elora Danan. (SD)

Time of Whispers, The: A term used to refer to Bavmorda's tyrannical reign over Tir Asleen. (WS)

Trada: Willow Ufgood's mother, who died when Willow was only six. (WS)

Tyrell: King of the fairies. He pledged the allegiance of the Lesser Faery to Elora Danan shortly after the Sacred Princess helped him defeat a Maizan sorceress that threatened his mountain. (SD)

Ufgood Reach: Willow Ufgood's farm, which lies on the River Freen. (WS)

Vizards: A group of twelve bodyguards the King of Angwyn maintained for Elora Danan during her stay in his kingdom. (SM)

Vulsant: Born into a textile family, this bony, long-bearded man was Tir Asleen's resident magician (and Fin Raziel's mentor) before the kingdom fell under Bavmorda's curse. (WS)

Watermen's Guild: The union of ferryman in Sandeni. (SD)


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