Greetings everyone! Many months ago, I put up a notice informing all of you on my decision of possibly taking this site down. I also asked that if any of you wished to see me continue to maintain this site to drop me an e-mail telling would like me to do so. At first, the response was a little slow; however, as time progressed the number of replies began to add up. Before long I had a great number of e-mails requesting me to keep the site up and running. Many of you in those e-mails asked questions or solicited a response from me in some manner. Almost all of you probably never got a response because I felt if i responed to one person, I had to respond to you all. And I could not pyshically do that given my time constraints, so I aplogize if you wanted me to respond but never got one.

     Some people have also suggested that I consider turning the site over to someone else and let him maintain the site. Unfortunately, this isn't an option for me. This site was created during my spare time for fun and for the enjoyment of other DragonLance fans -- and I thought I did a fairly decent job by the way. I simply feel that if I must go, then this site should leave with me. Hopefully, all of you can understand this decision.

     So what is going to happen to this DragonLance site? I regret to tell all of you this but I have decided to permenately close down this site. I really meant to put up this notice a long time ago and not let the site become so stale as it has over the months. Why has the site been up without any change for such a long period of time? Well it is a long story, and I'd rather not go into it. Nevertheless, I do aplogize for letting the site sit here rotting away anyways.

     Before I leave (this time for sure), I'd just like to thank everyone who has supported this site by sending me questions, comments, suggestions, and complements. I am, again, sorry for not being able to respond and hope your not too upset about that. I'd like to especially thank Drago, Dragonfyre, and Noob for their contributions of information, files, html tips, and among other things. If I missed anyone, I apologize as it has been a long, long time since I've even looked at this site. Well all I have left to say is that it was fun running this site, and who knows, maybe I will make another site one of these days. So farewell and best wishes to all of you wherever you may be and thanks for taking a moment to read all of this.


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