(Since this was Ms. Calendar's last epsiode this will be a very discriptive entry, bear with me please!) Ok, we first see Jenny when she is dismissing her class and stops Willow to ask her if she will cover her class for her till she can arrive the next day at school. Willow gets all happy at the trust that is being put on her and then has to explain to Buffy why she was talking to her. After Buffy and Willow are gone, Giles enters her classroom and tells her that (in less words) he still feels for her-but she has to get back on Buffy's side before they can really get back into their relationship. She tells him thats what she is trying to do and also that she still loves him and didn't mean any harm with not telling them about who she really was. We next see her entering a local voo-doo shop buying something that will assist in a spell to give Angel his soul back. When she gets back to school that morning Buffy walks up to her and tells her about Giles still being in love with her also and basically that she was begining to forgive her. Jenny gets a bit more happy with this and gets back to her class before Willow has to take over. Later that night we see her in her class room at her computer working on changing the ancient spell to restore soul's to english. Giles drops in and talks to her for a bit and invites her to his place when she was done with what she was doing. She accepts and they say their good-byes. Minutes later she succeeds with the program and saves it to disk, her computer and starts to print it out when Angel makes his presence known in her room. She tells him that she's come up with the answer to his problems, but the bad Angelus doesn't give a flying fuck about that and smashes the computer to the floor and burns the print out of the spell, leaving the disk obviously not knowing about it. He lets her know that he'll be killing her and she runs out of the classroom. But Angel catches up to her in the end and kills her. He then takes her body to Giles' house and leaves her body in his bed and then leaves roses, soft music, candles and wine all around the place for Giles when he gets home. Needless to say, Giles comes home thinking something romantic will occur between him and Jenny and then he finds her dead body. A couple days later, Buffy and Giles visit her gravestone in Sunnydale Cematary. You will be missed Ms. Calendar.

Ms. Calendar finally resurfaced when the gan ran into her in the hall when she was coming out of her computer class. She told Giles that they should talk, that they needed to, but Giles blew her off saying he had other ingagements he had to attend to. Jenny seemed hurt by his coldness and none of the gang who were there, Xander, Willow and Buffy, gave her any support. I guess they are still pissed at her for lying to them. Later on in the show she stormed into the library telling Giles that they had to talk, but was distracted when Xanders unintended love spell come over her and she started to fawn all over him. Giles went to get help and had to basically drag Ms. Calendar away from him. Also later on she almost got into a cat fight with Amy over Xander when they were both thinking that Xander loved them more than the other. None of the love spells I've done have ever worked that well=)

Ms. Calendar hasn't been seen in a while, that is after her brush-off from Buffy and Giles, of course. Where is she? Maybe she returned the her family and clan of gypsies or maybe she is just staying out of the Slayer, Watcher and Slayerettes way till everything calms down again. (if calm is what you can ever even call times on that show=) Who knows? We will just have to wait to see what goes on in the next new episode!

General Synopsis
Ms. Calendar is the computer teacher at Buffy's school and seems to have stolen Giles' heart. Awww, how sweet right? Well-she has had a hidden agenda this whole time. Her real name is Jonna (pronounced Yonna) and she is a gypsy. From the clan that cursed Angel, sent to Sunnydale to watch him and make sure the curse remained. When this all came out-it was right before Angel turned bad again and when Buffy found out she knew- she was pissed! It also made Giles mad too that she was with holding information from them. Will she get back on their good sides?

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