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Tom Baker's original multicolored scarf was 13 1/2 ft. long in Season 12. However, between the filming of Sontaran Experiment and The Ark in Space (Sontaran was filmed before Ark), a section of blue-gray was removed on the beige/purple end of the scarf. Figure A shows the blue-gray area in Sontaran Experiment. Figure B shows the scarf with the blue-gray area removed, as seen in Ark In Space.

The scarf remained unchanged for the rest of the season, apart from a hole that was put into the beige/purple end to show that the scarf was blasted by the security system in Ark in Space.

The scarf was trimmed down to 12 ft. in Season 13. The scarf end on the right in Figure B was trimmed up to the yellow stripe. The scarf then remained the same throughout the rest of the season, as seen in Figure C from Seeds of Doom.

In Season 14's Masque of Mandragora and Hand of Fear, his original was trimmed down to 10 1/2 ft. and also a new, shorter version of his scarf was made which was also about 10 ft. In Masque, the new scarf was used for studio shooting and the old scarf was used on outdoor locations. It is the opposite for Hand of Fear. The new scarf was used outside and the old scarf was used inside. You can tell the difference by looking at the bottom ends of his scarves in indoor and outdoor shots. Figure D show the orginal scarf with it's ends hacked off. On the left end, the beige (which you can see one row of) and the purple stripes were cut off, and on the right end, the red and yellow stripes were cut off. Figure E shows the new, shorter scarf.

In Deadly Assassin both scarves were used, the second one in Part One and the orginal scarf which was hacked by a Samurai in Part Two. From Face of Evil through Invisible Enemy and Sunmakers, he wore the new scarf only. Instead of wrapping the scarf around his neck, he just put it around his shoulders because of it's shortness. This is illustrated in Figure F.

A new 17 ft. scarf with alot of dark green was worn in Image of the Fendahl, Underworld, and Invasion of Time. It has the pattern of the previous scarves (execpt it's missing the area of blue-gray that can be seen in Figure F on the right side beneath the purple, red, and yellow stripes) and had more length added to the red/yellow end. This is the shortest lived version of any of Tom Baker's scarves and is shown in Figure G. The added legnth portion of the scarf is in Tom's hands.

Also, the BBC released the the knitting instructions for this version, but they had it stop on the red/yellow end like the orignal and second scarves. They marketed it as if it was the instructions for the original scarf, but it is not. That is why I say that these "offical BBC" plans are not accurate, because they are for the the 3rd scarf and not the 1st. If you would like accurate plans of the original scarf as it appeared in Season 13, click here to see the plan and here for the graphic for the scarf colors. A fainter version of the graphic is used for this background. :)

The last multicolored scarf for Seasons 16 and 17 was actually the original scarf, with two more alterations, and the second short scarf joined together to make the 20 ft. scarf. This is show in Figure H. In the squared-in area is the area of the original scarf that had the alteration. At the top of the square, the yellow and olive stripes, between the red and purple stripes, were removed. You can still see some of the yellow left. At the bottom of the the square, the red stripe that was between the yellow and purple stripes was removed. The are where the two scarves are joined has a circle around it. The red/yellow striped end of the 2nd scarf was joined with the green-gray end of the orginal. No alterations were done to the 2nd scarf. However, something happened to the puple stripe of the beige/purple end, and it became bleached to a brown tone with a purple fringe.

In Shada, the portion that was part of the original scarf was taken out and put at the end of of the original scarf portion and the the rest was put back together. You can see this in Figure I. The part of the scarf that used be the original had the purple, light brown, beige, blue-gray, and red striped section move to the bottom part of that scarf. The reatched end is circled in at the yellow, purple, and beige stripes. Also a series of patches were put onto the scarf, as shown in the squared-in section.

And finally, the burgundy, plum, and red scarf from Season 18. It was originally about 20 ft. long but got stetched out to 24 ft by the time of Logopolis to where Tom looped it around twice around. Figure J shows the scarf as it appeared in Full Circle. I also have knitting instructions for this scarf and a graphic for it as well.

So there you have it, an unoffical historical look at all the different versions of Tom Baker's scarves. There has been a total of 4 (5 if you count the orginal/2nd scarf hybrid) different scarves that Tom wore on the show. Please email me at on any comments or questions about Tom Baker's scarves.

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