Dree Elle

(sound supplied by Busta Toons and Zodac Angell)

I am Dree Elle. I live in a far off place called Trolla, with all the trollians, including my little brother Yuckers. I have a boyfriend named Orko, who is very magical, sweet, and cute! I know Orko has been to Etheria, and he has told me all kinds of stories about She-ra and the great rebellion against the evil horde and their powerful leader Hordak!

All of the Pics featured on this page were scanned in by Busta Toons.

A duet sung by me and Orko, while we are trying to overpower the evil spells of The Horn of Evil, (uploaded by Cringer) - 659 kB

Yuckers learns a lesson - 1.83 MB (zip file)

Orko and Dree Elle "show faces" - 3.08 MB (zip file) ~ created by Busta Toons, from "Dawn of Dragoon"

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1997 Dree Elle

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