Authors and Titles will be added daily. If
you know of any Fantasy or Science-Fiction
authors I should add or any Titles I missed
please E-mail me.

Anthony, Piers
Bradley, Marion Zimmer
Brooks, Terry
Bunch, Chris
Cherryh, C.J.
Christensen, James C.
Cole, Allan
Eddings, David
Feist, Raymond E.
Friedman, C.S.
Goodkind, Terry
Hickman, Tracy
Ingpen, Robert
Jones, J.V.
Jordan, Robert
Keyes, J. Gregory
Lackey, Mercedes
L'Engle, Madeleine
McCaffrey, Anne
Moon, Elizabeth
Niles, Douglas
Norton, Andre
Nye, Jody Lynn
Page, Michael
Rawn, Melanie
Salvatore, R.A.
Strauss, Victoria
Tolkien, J.R.R.
Wells, Angus
Weis, Margaret
Williams, Michael
Williams, Tad
Wurts, Janny

Dragonlance Saga

This section has the authors that I will (hopefully) have
complete booklists and info on soon. This is what I am
currently working on. If you would like to add an author to
this list, I would be happy to put their name here. Also,
any info on these authors would be greatly appreciated.
E-mail me or just put it in the guestbook.

Coming soon

*Jack Vance*
*Brian Jacques*
*Terry Pratchett*
Michael Moorcock
Stephen R. Donaldson
Larry Niven
Richard A. Knaak
Douglas Adams
Elizabeth Scarburough
Harry Turtledove
H.G. Wells
Orson Scott Card
Phillip K. Dick
Roger Zelanzy
Theodore Sturgeon

Authors indicated with an asterick * are requests.. They will probably be referenced sooner than others..

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