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Help Stop Spam and Hoaxes!

This page is to help knock out nasty and annoying rumours that are flying around the internet. If you've heard a rumour, PLEASE DON'T SEND IT ON UNTIL YOU INVESTIGATE IT. These rumours are created for several purposes:

  1. To create mass hysteria among those on-line;
  2. To collect e-mail addresses for the purposes of SPAMMING;
  3. To annoy people and waste their time;
  4. To steal your money and/or identity.
Please take some time and check out these sites. They're really helpful and can save you and everyone else a lot of worry.

For a great FREE virus scanner, check out this site:

To keep your computer free of spyware, download Lavasoft Ad-Aware.

Foil spammers and stop viruses from coming into your inbox with Mailwasher.

Need a temporary address register for a dodgy web site? Try

Many people have told me they don't know where the BCC field is, or if their e-mail programs actually have this feature. Click the link below for your e-mail program or webmail provider to see a screenshot with the BCC field marked in red.

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