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The VOYAGEUR ROVER ROUND TABLE (VRRRT) aims to contribute to the development of Voyageur Council Rovers and Rover Advisors by strengthening communication and interaction among Crews, supporting growth and expansion of regional Rovering, and encouraging recruitment and formation of new Crews. For details on VRRRT, contact:
Web Site:

General meetings of the CENTRAL CANADA ROVER ROUND TABLE (CCRRT) are held during the months of September, November, January, and March. The annual meeting is held in May and a conference is held in November. The remaining general meetings are held in various locations across Ontario and Quebec to encourage all Rovers from Central Division (Ontario, Quebec, and Nunavut) to attend. The CCRRT weekend format gives participants an opportunity to experience Rovering in different parts of the Division. Every Rover is a member of the CCRRT, and every member of the CCRRT is welcome to attend the meetings. For details on CCRRT, contact: (please note, the address is NOT a typo. That W belongs there.)
CCRRT c/o Provincial Council Office, 4141 Yonge St., Suite 102, Toronto, Ontario M2P 2A8 (416)512-2461
Web Site:

The Toronto EMS Services brings MEDICAL VENTURERS AND ROVERS to Ontario. This program has been running in British Columbia for several years now, and has been met with great success. The original MedVents Company and Crew belong to 1st Downsview, and their Scouting training is supplemented with job training in emergency life-saving measures, wilderness survival and first aid, large vehicle operation, equipment management, and amateur radio. The program also incorporates public service by providing first aid at community events, running food and clothing drives providing scholarships. This fabulous course is already gaining members rapidly. After meeting one of the Advisors, I would wholeheartedly reccommend this program to anyone seeking a new challenge and a way of learning new skills. If you would like to be a MedVent, contact:
Toronto MedVents: or phone (416) 392-9037
York Region MedVents: Shining Waters Council Web Site

ONTARIO & QUEBEC ROVER MOOT CREST ARCHIVE. She requests scan of crests from whoever can offer them.

ROVERING TO EXCESS is an online magazine for Rovers across Canada. Similar to the Canadian Rover Eh below, this magazine covers all aspects of rovering. The editor is always looking for article contributions from Rover and Advisors. Send submissions to Kat. Read the magazine online at

THE CANADIAN ROVER EH! has now ceased publication. In its place, an online version called THE PHOENIX has begun. The Phoenix is a magazine with a lot of camp flyers and a few recipes for camp food, among other things. Written by Rovers for Rovers, it is a great place for info on the Central Canada Rover Round Table (CCRRT) and tells you how to get involved in that. To submit articles or ask questions, Eh-mail or call Stan at (716)877-1944.
The Phoenix and the final issue of the Canadian Rover EH! are available at

The KYBO Online
: A set of articles from those same krazy kids that ran the now-defunct KYBO Magazine, plus a gallery of past covers!

To find out what the SYDNEY NORTH ROVERS of Australia are doing, take some time and drop in on the Crew Down Under!

SCOUTTRAVELLER WEB SITE - FOR RAMBLING ROVERS is a valuable resource for any Scouting member planning to travel. This has lists of Venturer Companies and Rover Crews around the world who have organised themselves as "Reception Teams" that are willing to host travelling Scouting groups. You can search by country to find contacts near your destination. If your Company or Crew is interested in being listed as a reception team, you can e-mail the committee and be reviewed for addition to the list. The organizing committee is made up of Scouters from about 20 different countries. If you wish to join the committee, they are always looking for representatives from various locations.

THE MOOT MOOT MESSAGE BOARD is a great place to keep in touch with all the Toronto area Rovers, Venturers and Senior Branch Guides you see at camp. It's also an excellent way to find out about non-Scouting social events that happen between Moots.

To join the CanRovers and Rovers e-mail lists, go to the Yahoo! Groups Homepage and search for the desired mailing list, or sign up using the buttons below! Also, for Rovers in Shining Waters Council, sign up for the swrrrt (Shining Waters Regional Rover Round Table) list. These lists are free. You can choose to receive each e-mail as it comes, a daily digest of messages, or not to receive them in the mail but pick them up on the web site. A very useful tool!
**Due to changes in Yahoo's privacy policy, you must specify when setting up your Yahoo! ID that you do not want any "special offers" in order to keep your address confidential. To do this, click on "Marketing Preferences" and click NO for all the offers. Once this is done, your address will remain spam-free.**

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Are you tired of non-Scouting businessmen making decisions on OUR program and uniforms? Then consider joining SCOUT eh! to fight back and work toward democracy in Scouts Canada. This group is open to current and former members of Scouts Canada, as well as interested outside parties such as parents of youth in Scouting.

The Black Knight Rovers of Newmarket are taking orders for some GIANT ROVER CRESTS. They had a batch made a few years ago, and they're beautiful. Rovers frequently ask me where I got the large crest on the back of my vest, and this is it. It's a 9" tall fleur-de-lys with the word "Service" below it. Cost per crest is $15.
Contact Ruth Teal at

to order crests. A total minimum order of 25 crests is required before the order will be placed.

ZONE WEST is the best place I've found for camp crests. They also do embroidered clothing. Crests are quoted based on 7 thread colours, and once ordered arrive in about 2 weeks. Last I checked, minimum batch size was 100, and the 4" round crests I ordered were about $1 each.
Web Site:

ROVER DECALS are being custom made to go on license plate covers, posters, cars, t-shirts, and anything else you can think of! Make it known that you are proud to be a Rover or Ranger by displaying our name in unusual places. With logos for both Scouting and Guiding, custom camp crest logos, and sayings like "Rovers are IN TENTS lovers", you're sure to find something that will express how you feel about being involved in the best organisation on earth. Contact:
Sean, (905)454-5296

The first edition of the SCOUTER'S RESOURCE GUIDE CD ROM was a great success; now the second edition has finally been released! This useful tool was developed by none other than my District's former President, Tom Smith. This is a compilation of program activities, camp recipies, songs, yells, cheers, and anything else you could think of all in one place. For only $10, you can have your own copy of this great resource to use for your own Colony, Pack, Troop, Company, or Crew. Future editions are in the works. For more information on the Scouter's Resource Guide, contact:
ComputerSmith Business Solutions, (905)898-7104

Get 250 FREE BUSINESS CARDS from VISTAPRINT.CA. Use them to advertise your Crew or event, or just give them to friends at camp so they can keep in touch in between Moots. You do have to pay a few dollars for shipping, but the cost is minimal and the cards are very good quality. Design your cards online and they will be shipped to you within 3 weeks. I have ordered from this company several times and have always been pleased with the results.

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