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This assignment is designed to get you to think and to be creative!  It has three parts.

Part A

Go to one of the Websites provided and write down about 10 facts that you find about the moon.  Combine into groups of 4 and share your facts with each other.  Write down all the facts you find, and present them to the class, in the form of a speech.


Part B

You can choose which activity you want to do from the following:

Assignment 1:  A)  You are a reporter for an Australian newspaper covering the events before the move to the moon.  Tell about what is happening, and how people are dealing with the move.  What are the scientists doing, and what are they saying about this.  Perhaps you can do an interview on someone planning to relocate to the moon.  Write 3 or 4 articles in the correct style.  Feel free to decorate your articles in any way you please. There are links on how to write an article provided further down this page.

B)  You are a person that is relocating to the moon.  You keep a journal telling us about your feelings on the move.  Make sure to include who you are, your age, if you are with your family or if you are alone. Your circumstances, any other qualities about "You".   You can write this journal either before your move including any anxieties you are experiencing or you can write it after the move, recording what you have seen, and whether you like your new home, or not. There should be ten or more entries.


Assignment 2:  You are a scientist and you have a year to figure out how to make the moon inhabitable.  You can choose to think of solutions for different problems, such as the lack of water and food, little gravity, and no atmosphere.  Would you just bring lots of animals and start farms?  Would you invent a way to create an atmosphere like installing a giant shield around the moon so we can breathe? Will people wear special space suits?  Put thought into and be sure to be creative!! Think of specific solutions to 4 problems, or broader solutions to 3 problems. Problems have to be based in fact!


Assignment 3:  A)  Design and draw or build a model of a lunar house.  What would it look like.  What rooms would it have.  Draw it from the inside and the outside.  Label rooms that we would need and anything you else you can think of. Would it need special protection from asteroids? Would it need a special ventilation system? Would it need a special foundation because of the smaller amount of gravity? Be as thorough as possible.

B) Design and draw or build a model of a lunar school.  It can be a primary or a secondary school.  Name your school and show us the inside and the outside.  What kinds of classrooms will it have?  Will it have a playground?  Name your school and create a schedule that it would go by. Include the special modifications that would need to be there if we went to school on the moon. These will be similar to the ones a house would need. Make sure to think of as many modifications as possible!

Part C

Present your project to the class. You can read a few of your journal entries, or newspaper articles if you chose that task. You can show us your drawing or model of your house or school. Most importantly, tell us why you chose the project you did, and what kinds of things it made you think about.

The Speech on the moon is due in two weeks. The final project will be due in the last week of the term. We will take a few days so that everyone can share their project. After everyone's project is shared, we will take a class session to write a self evaluation of your presentations, and you will include what you learned and what the project made you think about, in this piece of writing. This piece of writing will then go into our scrapbooks to round off our unit on the Moon.

Make sure to check out the Evaluation Page so you know exactly what to put in your projects. There are links to each of the grading rubrics that you will recieve based on what assigment you choose.

When you are all finished with this unit of work be sure to visit the Conclusion Page

Web Resources

Moon Research Sites

Moon Information at
Moon Database at Nasa
Information on the Moon and missions there
The moon and it's Phases
Earth and Moon viewer
Virtual Tours of the Moon
Origin of the Moon
History of the moon A bit hard to read
Lunar Landing Map

Resources for how to form your projects

How to write a Newspaper Article
Format for a Newspaper Article
How to write a Journal entry

Database of a Moon Settlement Contest from Nasa This could give you ideas on ways to design a house or school. Do NOT just copy one, as I will know about it!
Needs of people in Space Settlements

Remember you can use any resources you find off of the internet as well. Encyclopaedias, and books on the Moon are GREAT resources!