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Teacher's notes

This task was designed for a grade 5/6 classroom doing a unit on the moon. It can be combined with a unit on pollution or recycling if needed.

The Outcomes and Indicators outlined in the CSFII state,

Students will be able to:

Use appropriate scientific language in identifying concepts and communicating information about natural events and members of our solar system.
Select and record data relevant to the task, for example, when comparing characteristics of planets.
Demonstrate understanding of concepts relating to the Earth and our solar system by explanations and modelling.
Demonstrate the ability to process simple data from experiments or from print and electronic sources, for example, when investigating the causes of natural phenomena.

The CSFII strand is
Our place in space
Compare characteristics of members of our solar system.

This is evident when the student is able to:
Name the planets of our solar system.
Describe the relative sizes of planets and their relative distances from the sun.
Describe planets in terms of their distinguishing features.

This unit can link into other KLA's

SOSE-4.3 SOGE0403

Analyse different views about the use and care of Australian places.

This is evident when the student is able to:

Describe Australian places and how they are used by people. Describe how people’s use of places affects the environment. Suggest how Australian places can be used sustainably.

VPA-4.1 ARAR0401 (if they choose Assignment 3)

Demonstrate the ability to experiment with ideas in making and presenting art works.

English-4.1 ENSL0401 Speaking and Listening

Listen to and produce a range of spoken texts that deal with some unfamiliar ideas and information.


4.9 ENWR0401

Use a range of text types to write about some unfamiliar ideas and information, providing supporting detail.

4.10 ENWR0402

Select an appropriate text type to write for a range of contexts, purposes and audiences.

4.11 ENWR0403

Control the linguistic structures and features of a range of written texts.

4.12 ENWR0404

Use a range of strategies to plan, compose, revise and edit texts dealing with some unfamiliar ideas and information.

CSFII information can be found here